Refinery Accidents

Refinery Accidents

Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are home to numerous chemical refineries, chemical plants and oil refinery plants. While these plants serve the community well and offer many job opportunities they also pose a major health threat in the form of possible on the job injuries. If you have been the victim of an on the job injury at a Delaware refinery or chemical plant it is a wise move to speak with our Delaware workers’ compensation attorneys.

Call the Wilmington DE workers’ comp lawyers at Schuster Jachetti to discuss your Delaware workers comp accident claim. Dial (302) 984-1000. They serve those injured in the workplace throughout all of Delaware. On addition, our Dover DE workmans comp lawyers handle workplace accidents on a contingency fee basis meaning that they charge no fee unless they recover for you. They will make protecting your rights and getting you the compensation you deserve their number one priority.

Oil Refinery And Chemical Plant Accidents

The following are just some of the chemical plant accident types our Newark workers compensation lawyers handle:


Chemical Burns

Chemical Release And Exposure

Oil Refinery Explosions

Toxic Gas Release

Oil Refinery Slip And Falls

Mental Injuries Related To Oil Refinery Accidents

Delaware Oil Refinery Injuries

Refinery and chemical plant injuries are often catastrophic and many times fatal. Due to the work environment and the nature of what workers are exposed to burn injuries and inhalation injuries are very common. Explosion accidents and their resulting injuries are also typical in an oil refinery accident. Skin injuries, injuries to the head, spinal cord and shattered bones are also common industrial plant injuries in Delaware workers’ compensation accidents. No matter what type of injury you have sustained you do not have to face this alone. Call a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced Delaware Chemical Plant Accident Law Firm today.

Establishing liability For Your Job Injuries

One of the most important issues to be addressed in a Delaware workers compensation lawyers is to identify all liable parties. In any on the job injury there can be multiple at fault parties including: your employer, their insurance carrier, third party contractors, subcontractors and equipment manufacturers. It will be very difficult to pinpoint any and all liable parties without the aid of a Newark DE Workers Compensation Lawyer.

Let A Delaware Work Accident Lawyer Help You

If you, or someone you care for, has been injured or killed in a Delaware workplace accident do not hesitate to call our Middletown, Delaware workers compensation lawyers. Dial (302) 984-1000. Our Dover DE injury lawyers faithfully serve those injured in the workplace throughout Delaware. They handle work related accident and injury cases on a contingency fee basis meaning that they charge no fee unless they recover on your behalf.