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What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Most American workers understand that workers’ compensation exists and will somehow assist them if they are hurt on the job but until that injury occurs, they don’t understand how workers’ comp works or what it covers.

Workers’ compensation exists for two major reasons. First, if an employee is hurt at work the insurance should pay for the medical treatments relating to the injury and a fraction of any lost wages. Second, workers’ compensation protects employers from being sued by injured workers.

The problem is that while the employer is almost always protected, injured workers regularly find their claims have denied outright for simple mistakes. Insurance companies understand that if they make the claims process difficult, in the long run, the company will be saved money.

Our legal team knows all of the tricks that insurance companies use to deny claims or reduce the amount paid out. We are proud to represent injured workers and our goal is to help our clients fight for the compensation they deserve.

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