What You Should Do After A Hit And Run Accident

If another driver has hit you, and then fled the scene, there are some important things you should know. A hit and run accident can be very scary, and you might not know what to do. Here, we are going to provide some important steps that you should take if you have been involved in a hit and run [...]

Manufacturing Plant Injuries And Compensation

People who work in manufacturing jobs are usually in very hazardous work environments. In fact, every time that these workers step onsite in these plants, one of the first roles is to make sure that they follow all safety rules and guidelines. Many of these safety rules and procedures are provided by government agencies like OSHA (Occupational Safety and [...]

Injuries Caused By Refinery Accidents

Refineries are very important for chemical and oil production, but they can actually prove to be quite dangerous as well. These plants can serve a community well by offering an abundance of job opportunities, but they can also pose a major threat to the health of the community, and those who are employed at the refinery. An accident at [...]

How Bus Drivers Are Compensated After An Injury

Even though some people may not realize it, bus drivers have a very difficult and challenging job. The types of responsibilities that normally come along with this position are often common for many; this includes operating their vehicles for long hours, performing repetitive tasks, and working under some of the most hazardous conditions. In fact, for those who take [...]

Deciphering Who Is At Fault In Uber/Lyft Accidents

When we order an Uber or Lyft ride, it is usually because we either don't feel like we should drive to our destination, or we lack the proper method to do so. However, just like the rest of us, Uber and Lyft drivers are susceptible to accidents while on the road. It may not be the first thing on [...]

Can You File A Personal Injury Claim With A Pre-Existing Condition?

If you already had a pre-existing condition before you were in an accident, you may have some questions about how this will affect your personal injury claim. Some victims are often concerned about filing a claim when they already had an injury in the same place that they are now feeling pain. Based on the law, it's always possible [...]

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