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Are you a Georgetown, DE resident who was seriously injured in an accident? Our lawyers are ready to help you recover full compensation for your injuries.

You deserve to be compensated after being injured in an accident.


Were You Injured In An Accident In Georgetown, DE? Our Law Firm Can Help

Each year, hundreds of the 7,000 residents of Georgetown, DE are involved in accidents that cause serious harm. In almost every case, negligence caused the accident, which could have been prevented if the responsible party had made different decisions.

Negligence, under the law, occurs when one party fails to take reasonable steps to ensure that others are protected from harm. For example, if a store owner is made aware that a liquid has been spilled and they fail to clean it up, then a visitor slips on that liquid and is hurt, the store owner has been negligent.

When negligence occurs, those who sustain an injury have the legal right to fight for compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. These lawsuits can provide full compensation for both past and future losses such as medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

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Personal Injury Attorneys Georgetown, DE 19947

Schuster Jachetti LLP

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Georgetown, DE 19947

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We are located near:

  1. Sussex County Courthouse
  2. Delaware Technical Community College
  3. Georgetown Police Department

From this law office, we serve the following areas, among others: Georgetown, Wood Branch, Flea Hill, Redden, Briarwood Manor, Whaleys Corners, Gum Crossroads, Kings Crossroads, Harbeson, Andersons Corner, Hollyville, Zoar, Stockley, Piney Grove, Shortly, Woodcrest Estates, Bryans Store, Harbscrabble, Old Furnace, and Milton.

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Wilmington Personal Injury Lawyers Fighting For Justice

When compensation is granted in a personal injury lawsuit, the compensation comes through either a settlement or a successful court verdict.

Settlements are the most common way to obtain compensation and in fact, the majority of lawsuits conclude with one of these agreements. A settlement must be carefully negotiated to ensure that the plaintiff is recovering an appropriate amount and it’s typical for negotiations to last for months. If an agreement can’t be reached, that’s when the case will go to court.

It’s important to work closely with an attorney who has trial experience and who can also prepare you for your courtroom experience. Going to trial and negotiating a settlement are two very different things and it’s important to have experience on your side when making an argument before a judge and Medical Malpractice Lawyer Georgetown Schuster Jachetti LLPjury.

Law Firm Helping Delaware Resident Recover The Maximum Amount Possible

For more than three decades our legal team has pushed for the maximum amount in every case. The total amount that a plaintiff may recover is based on their actual losses. For example, if a plaintiff requires an estimated $1,000,000 in medical care and will lose another 3,000,000 in income over their lifetime, they should be awarded at least $4,000,000 if not more.

Additional compensation may be provided for the physical and emotional trauma that has been experienced by the accident victim.

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Legal Services Offered To Georgetown Residents

An injury or the accidental passing of a family member because of the carelessness of another person or a company can bring about lots of questions as well as hardship in a family. You are now left with questions like:

  •  Where will the cash come from to pay clinical costs? Personal Injury Lawyer Georgetown Schuster Jachetti LLP
  • How will I place food on the table and also afford the lease or a home mortgage? 
  • How will I manage to live?

Our Georgetown law office was founded to assist those in their time of need. We are here to carry the concern on your behalf. If you pick our Georgetown law firm to aid you with your negligence case, we pledge to totally investigate and also aggressively prosecute your case to secure your interests and also the future. Our lawyers place a great deal of time and work into picking the best team to investigate your case to ensure that we can develop the greatest case we can to get compensation for you under the law. It is our practice to ensure we do whatever in our power to determine what took place.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Have Helped Injured People Receive Compensation For Their Losses

Schuster Jachetti LLP is right here to aid you and also be your link to becoming whole again. We are confident in our legal abilities and we firmly think we have a staff of attorneys that can really help. Answers are simply a call away. Give us a phone call today. The consultation is totally free. It will merely cost you your time. Our payment for working with you in this injury lawsuit is based on a ‘contingency fee.’ This means you do not be obligated to pay us a single penny unless we recuperate financial compensation for you. Access to justice is incredibly vital to us at Schuster Jachetti LLP. Our lawyers take satisfaction in carrying the litigation fees while you focus on you and your family members. You have not one thing to lose in seeking justice. If we fail to recoup a settlement for you, we forgo all our legal fees.

Is It A Good Idea To Call An Experienced Licensed Attorney After An Injury?

There is no obligation on an individual harmed in an unfortunate incident to reach out to a legal professional to advocate for them. However, several families elect to call an attorney to represent their interests after an accident for 2 primary reasons: 

1) they do not have the know-how in the area of personal injury law; and Car Accident Lawyer Georgetown Schuster Jachetti LLP

2) so they and their family can on recuperating physically following their incident.

Insurance providers frequently try to prevent accident victims from getting representation as they are aware of reports that show that people with an attorney often successfully obtain substantially more compensation for their case compared to people who negotiate their claim on their own.

Another reason people hire an accident attorney is that there are regular issues that come with injury lawsuits that may need to be addressed in order to avoid monetary award difficulties down the road.

What Are The Legal Expenses For A Death Or Personal Injury Attorney? 

Virtually all personal injury or death lawsuits at Schuster Jachetti LLP are handled on a ‘contingent fee’ basis. In a contingency fee agreement, our attorneys’ fee to you is transparently outlined in a prepared contract at the time we are hired by you. Moreover, we only earn a legal fee when we succeed in obtaining a monetary reward for our clients. If there is no remuneration, we never assess a legal fee.

How Much Money Can I Receive In A Personal Injury Settlement In Georgetown?

The settlement amount in an injury lawsuit is made up of both financial and non-economic losses. Financial damages consist of healthcare expenses, lost wages, and harm to personal property. Non-economic damages comprise of pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, and loss of consortium or quality of life.

There are other key factors that play into the valuation of a suit such as: the age of the harmed person, the amount of insurance coverage available, and the contributory fault resulting in the accident. While we must accept the realities in each specific situation, our firm’s aim is to present the most Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Georgetown Schuster Jachetti LLPadvantageous case possible to a judge, jury, or insurance provider assessing your claim.

Do Many Accident Lawsuits Settle Before Trial? 

The majority of our injury lawsuits settle before a complaint is ever submitted in a courthouse. At Schuster Jachetti LLP, our attorneys never expect litigation to resolve easily or quickly so we prepare every claim as if it may go before a judge. From the time we are retained in a claim, we gather significant evidence to determine how an injury materialized and how exactly the neglect of various groups may have resulted in the incident. This regularly necessitates collecting police department reports, witness testimony, photographs of the area, and other records and invoices.

What Is The Average Resolution Timeframe For A Personal Injury Claim?

How long a personal injury claim takes to settle is generally a result of the complexity of the case and how aggressive a legal representative is with settlement discussion and/or judicial proceedings. For example, a rear-end traffic accident involving a truck company with relatively straight forward medical treatment will more often than not settle faster than a medical negligence lawsuit comprising multiple defendants.

Schuster Jachetti LLP comprehends the emotional and monetary stress a case can have on the client and his or her family. Consequently, our lawyers work vigilantly to position every case with the best chance of fast resolution. We are assertive with our litigation gameplan so every dispute can be resolved successfully as quickly and as fairly as possible. The legal counsel assigned to your claim will outline a more accurate time frame for the Workers' Compensation Lawyer Georgetown Schuster Jachetti LLPconclusion after considering the factors in play come to light.

Common Accident Types In Personal Injury Lawsuits

Our experienced Georgetown injury lawyers have a large amount of experience in getting justice in auto crash claims, slip and fall accident cases, workplace accident lawsuits, construction injury lawsuits, bicycle crash claims, motorbike crash lawsuits, bus accident cases, train injury cases, metro injury claims, medical malpractice claims, birth injury claims, workers’ compensation lawsuits, social security disability cases, nursing home abuse cases, semi-truck collision claims, cruise ship injury cases, defective device claims, scaffolding injury lawsuits, building explosion lawsuits, sexual assault cases, dog bite claims as well as lots of other kinds of injury lawsuits.

What Clients Say About Our Law Firm

I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills if it weren’t for Schuster Jachetti, so thankful for their team. – Bill K.

Our Local Georgetown Law Office Serves Clients in the Following Areas:

  1. Georgetown
  2. Wood Branch
  3. Flea Hill
  4. Redden
  5. Briarwood Manor
  6. Whaleys Corners
  7. Gum Crossroads
  8. Kings Crossroads
  9. Harbeson
  10. Andersons Corner
  11. Hollyville
  12. Zoar
  13. Stockley
  14. Piney Grove
  15. Shortly
  16. Woodcrest Estates
  17. Bryans Store
  18. Hardscrabble
  19. Old Furnace
  20. Milton

How Do I Contact Your Georgetown Personal Injury Lawyers?

You can call us 24/7 on our free injury helpline and one of our experienced Georgetown Personal Injury Lawyers will assist you.

Our number is (302) 877-9524.

Where Is Your Georgetown Accident Law Office Located?

Our local law office is located in Georgetown near Sussex County Courthouse, Delaware Technical Community College, and Georgetown Police Department.

Our address is 20632 Dupont Blvd Georgetown, DE 19947.

Local Resources For Those Injured In Georgetown


Argo Institute

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Superior Court of Delaware

1 The Cir #2

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Auto Repair Shops

Auto Collision & Repair

413 N Bedford St.

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Upcoming Personal Injury Webinars & Local Community Events

Event Title: What Are Examples Of Premise Liability In Georgetown

Date: April 30, 2020, at 9:30 PM

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Description: In this webinar, the experienced personal injury attorneys in Georgetown, DE, share accidents that are frequently associated with premises liability. Our legal team will be covering examples of accidents that resulted in a slip, trip, or fall injury. This webinar will be by Google Hangouts. To register, please email

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