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Accidents and the resulting personal injuries affect residents of Delaware each and every day. In some cases, the trauma is minimal. In others, there can be life-changing repercussions.

Unfortunately, what seems to be a constant across these scenarios is the fact that the victims themselves are often left feeling lost; most don’t even know that there exists a possibility of being compensated for the damages suffered.

Free Consultations with Personal Injury Attorneys in Lewes

This is the exact reason why our Lewes personal injury law firm offers its services at no cost to the community. Injury victims can call us at any time to learn more about the legal options at their disposal.

We’ve been serving injury victims throughout Delaware for decades, and if you find yourself the victim of an accident, we can leverage our case experience to help you, too. We are a compassionate team of attorneys who understands what you and your loved ones are going through.

Let us help you relieve your family from the emotional and financial pressures unduly placed on you by a personal injury. Call today for a free consultation.

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An injury or the wrongful death of a loved one as a result of the fault of someone else or a business can cause many questions as well as hardship in a home. You are now left with questions like “Exactly how will I pay my medical bills?” or “How can we make ends meet?”

The primary goal of our law firm, as well as the reason it was formed, is to take on your burden and shepherd you through this incredibly challenging and uneasy time. If you pick our Lewes law practice to aid you with your negligence lawsuit, we promise to fully investigate as well as aggressively prosecute your insurance claim to protect your interests and also foreseeable future. Our lawyers place a lot of time and energy into picking the most suitable team to explore your insurance claim to make sure that we can build the best argument we can to obtain justice for you under the law. Our experienced attorneys leave no stone unturned in the search for information and also the facts.

The Personal Injury Claims We Handle

Our experienced Lewes, DE accident attorneys have a great deal of experience in managing auto collision lawsuits, trip and fall injury lawsuits, workplace injury cases, construction injury lawsuits, bicycle injury claims, motorbike accident lawsuits, bus accident claims, train crash claims, metro accident cases, medical malpractice cases, cerebral palsy lawsuits, workers’ compensation lawsuits, SSD cases, nursing home injury lawsuits, semi-truck injury lawsuits, vacation accident claims, defective drug lawsuits, scaffolding accident lawsuits, building collapse claims, sexual assault claims, dog bite claims and also numerous other types of injury cases.

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Free Legal Consultation

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How Can a Personal Injury Law Firm Help Me If I Was Injured in Lewes?

There is no obligation for a person harmed in an accident to reach out to a legal professional to advocate for them. However, many families decide to engage a lawyer to advocate for their legal rights immediately after a personal injury for 2 key reasons:

1) they don’t have the expertise in the area of personal injury law, and
2) so they and their loved ones can on bouncing back physically after their accident.

Large Insurance providers regularly try to discourage injury victims from getting legal representation as they are aware of research studies that conclude that individuals with a lawyer frequently successfully obtain substantially more financial awards for their claim compared to people who settle their lawsuit pro se.

Another reason individuals retain an accident attorney is that there are oftentimes issues that accompany injury cases that need to be addressed to avoid monetary settlement difficulties in the future.

What Are the Legal Costs for a Wrongful Death or Injury Law Firm?

Nearly all personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits at Schuster Jachetti LLP are worked on a ‘contingency fee’ fee-structure. Under a contingency fee plan, our legal service charge to you is transparently set forth in a prepared contract when we are retained by you. Moreover, we will only earn a legal fee when we are successful in obtaining a financial settlement for our clients. In the event there is no remuneration, we never assess a legal fee.

Which Key Factors Determine the Dollar Value a Personal Injury Claim?

The final financial award in an injury claim comprises both economic and non-economic losses. Economic damages consist of hospital expenses, lost wages, and harm to property. Non-economic losses include physical pain and suffering, impairment, disfigurement, and loss of companionship or quality of life.

There are many other variables that impact the final valuation of a case such as the age of the harmed person, the insurance coverage available, and the contributory negligence resulting in the accident. While we must accept the realities in each situation, our firm’s aim is to assert the most advantageous case possible to a judge, jury, or insurance provider assessing your case.

Will Our Claim Go to Trial?

Most of our injury lawsuits settle before a legal filing is submitted in court. At Schuster Jachetti LLP, we never expect cases to favorably settle easily or swiftly so we put together each claim as though it may go to trial. From the time we are engaged in a claim, we gather beneficial evidence to establish how exactly an injury materialized and how the behavior of certain individuals may have caused the accident. This frequently necessitates collecting police officer accounts, witness statements, pictures of the area, and other records and expenses.

Approximately How Many Months Can An Injury Lawsuit in Lewes, DE Take to Settle?

How long an injury lawsuit takes to resolve is generally a result of the complexity of the claim and how aggressive a legal representative is with settlement discussion and/or litigation. For example, a hit-from-behind traffic accident involving a truck company with straight forward medical treatment will more often than not resolve more efficiently than a delayed diagnosis of cancer lawsuit consisting of multiple parties at fault.

Schuster Jachetti LLP is mindful of the mental and monetary burden a claim has on the individual and his or her loved ones. Because of this, our lawyers work meticulously to position every lawsuit with the very best chance of a speedy resolution. Our firm is aggressive with our litigation plan of action so each dispute may be settled favorably as quickly and as equitably as possible. The representative assigned to your claim will offer you a more accurate timeframe for resolution after taking the variables in play arise.

What Clients Say About Our Law Firm

They took great care of me after my accident. Every question was answered and all concerns were eased. I would gladly work with them again!” – Diego L.

Our Local Savannah Rd (Lewes) Law Office Serves Clients in the Following Areas:

  1. Lewes
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How Do I Contact Your Lewes Personal Injury Law Firm?

You may contact our experienced team any time at our 24/7 helpline, (302) 527-9513

Where Is Your Lewes Accident Law Office Located?

Our Lewes legal offices are located at 1308 Savannah Rd, Lewes, DE 19958. Appointments must be scheduled prior to meeting at our office.

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Pro Rehab Chiropractic and Rehabilitation – 105 W 4th St, Lewes, DE 19958 – (302) 245-1079
Lotus Chiropractic – 110 Anglers Rd, Lewes, DE 19958 – (302) 644-8494


Justice of the Peace Court 02 – 35252 Hudson Way # 1, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Auto Repair Shop

Lewes Body Works – 16205 New Rd, Lewes, DE 19958 – (302) 645-5595

Personal Injury Attorney Wilmington DE - Joe Jachetti

“I was born here, grew up here, went to law school here and I practice law here in Delaware.” – Joe Jachetti

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