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The town of Newport is situated in the top half of New Castle County in Delaware. It takes up 307.2 acres and has an elevation of 33 feet or 10 meters. The nearest communities include Woodcrest, Westview, Avalon, and Lynford. The Newport Gap Pike, or Delaware Route 141, travels across the town. Other roads that travel within its borders include Market Street, Justis Street, Marsh Lane, and James Street. The Christina River flows along the southern border of the town.


The region was home to the Minquas, or Susquehannock, people. In 1641 the Duke of York was granted land. John Justis bought 100 acres in 1735, just a few years before the streets were planned. One of the roads is named in his honor.

During the Revolutionary War, General George Washington traveled through the area on his way to the Battle of Brandywine. The town at this point was called Newport-Ayre. It officially dropped the Ayre in 1793 after a branch of the U. S. Postal Service opened in the neighborhood.

Beginning in the early 19th century, the community became a commerce hub. Many products coming from all over were shipped out of the neighborhood’s docks on Christina River. By 1900, the town began producing the following:

  • chemical works
  • glue factory
  • ironworks

Historical Landmarks

The town is home to many historical buildings and sites. Some included are:

  • Galloway-Walker House – built in the 18th century
  • Killgore Hall – built in 1883
  • Joseph Killgore House – built in the early 19th century
  • Joseph Tatnall House – built around 1750


The community has a volunteer fire department, the Minquas Fire Company. It was established in 1907, following a series of fires. On average, the station receives over 2,400 calls.

The children in the neighborhood can attend schools that are part of the Red Clay Consolidated School District. These can include:

  • Donald J Richey Elementary School
  • Stanton Middle School
  • John Dickinson High School

Some of the charter, private, and technical schools include:

  • Conrad Schools of Science
  • Delaware Military Academy
  • ECHOTECH School Of Health Sciences And Technology


In 2010 the community had 1,055 residents. This was a decrease from the 1,122 people, 456 households, and 290 families residing in the town in 2000. The racial breakdown of the town in 2000 was the following:

  • 75.76% white 
  • 10.61% African American
  • 13.55% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.80% Native American
  • 1.69% Asian
  • 0.00% Pacific Islander
  • 5.08% other races
  • 6.06% two or more races

The income median per household was $38,864. A family income median was $41,771, while the per capita was $19,590. Some of the frequently held occupations included:

  • 11.35% sales jobs
  • 10.56% food service positions
  • 9.76% office and administrative support

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