Museums Worth Visiting in Wilmington, DE

This blog post covering the museums worth a visit are brought to you by My Delaware Lawyer's team of personal injury attorneys in Wilmington. Wilmington, commonly recognized as the "Corporate Capital of America", is not only the urban hub of the region but also the largest downtown in the state of Delaware. Additionally, it's a center for banking and [...]

Local Feature: The University of Delaware in Wilmington

This, the first post in our debuting series where we've chosen to highlight landmarks of the community, is sponsored by the Wilmington personal injury lawyers at My Delaware Lawyer. From its roots as a private academy in 1743, the University of Delaware of the modern day is a research-intensive, technologically advanced university with global impact. Read on as we [...]

The DuPont Environmental Education Center

This page covering the popular DuPont Environmental Education Center is presented by the Wilmington, DE injury attorneys at My Delaware Lawyer. Located along the Christina River and on the edge of the R. W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge, DuPont Environmental Education Center, AKA the DEEC, is where the city, river, and marsh meet. Moreover, it is where many of [...]

Higher Education Schools in Georgetown, Delaware

This page recapping a few notable higher education centers is brought to you by the auto accident attorneys in Georgetown, DE of Schuster Jachetti LLP. The Wilmington University, founded in 1968 as Wilmington College by educator Dr. Donald Ross and which later expanded into Georgetown, is one of the most well-known higher education schools in the region. Nevertheless, while [...]

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