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The town of Townsend is situated in the southern region of New Castle County in the state of Delaware. It covers 384 acres of land. The Appoquinimink River and Wiggins Mill Pond form the northern border. Some of the neighboring communities include Wiggins Mill, Blackbird, and Alisa Estates.


The town was incorporated in 1885 on April 3rd. It was and still is a primarily agricultural community.

Historical Landmarks

The section of the town has as many as 216 buildings and five structures within the railroad community that are registered as historical places. Some of these buildings include the following:

  • 1851 – Lattamus store
  • c 1910 – Dr. Niles house
  • c 1870 – Winfield Cottage
  • 1893 – Harmon’s Drug Store
  • 1898 – Graves Store and Residence


The town is home to the Townsend Elementary School located on Main Street. Some other Appoquinimink School District schools the residents attend include:

  • LifeHouse Early Childhood Center – Karins Boulevard
  • Beach Babies Day Care – Summit Bridge Road
  • Everett Meredith Middle School – Tony Marchio Drive
  • Middletown High School – Silver Lake Road


Per the census, there were 346 residents in 2000. They made up 132 households and 95 families within the 151 housing units in the town. The ethnicity and racial breakdown of the townspeople included the following:

  • 84.10% white 
  • 11.56% African American
  • 2.60% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.87% Native American
  • 0.87% Asian
  • 2.60% other races

The median income for the households in the community was  $47,500 in 2000. Men averaged an income of $27,250 per year versus $28,409 for women. Some of the occupations commonly held by the working residents included:

  • 13.93% management occupations
  • 13.12% office and administrative support
  • 9.98% sales and service jobs

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