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The personal injury attorneys in Marshtown, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers present the following information about the community and all it offers its residents.


The neighborhood of Marshtown is located on the Rehoboth Bay in the eastern region of Sussex County in Delaware. Stillman Glade, Love Creek, and Cherry Walk Creek are other waterways in the neighborhood. Its neighbors include Lochwood, Angola, Aspen Meadows, and Jimtown. The main roadways within the town are Camp Arrowhead Road, Harts Road, Waterview Road, and John J. Williams Highway.


The main thoroughfare is Delaware Route 24, also known as John J. Williams Highway. He was born on a farm and was the ninth child of eleven. Along with his brother, Preston William, he established a poultry and livestock feed company.

Williams became an American politician that was part of the Republican Party. He served as Delaware’s U.S. senator from 1947 until 1970 and was the first four-term senator in the state. His terms were during the administrations of the following United States Presidents:

  • Harry S. Truman
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Richard M. Nixon

The highway was named in his honor as he was often referred to with pride as “Mr. Integrity” or “Honest John.” Prior to his death in 1988 in a Lewes’ hospital, he was a member of the following organizations:

  • Methodist Church
  • the Freemasons
  • the Shriners


At the intersection of John J. Williams Highway and Fairfield Road is a plaza that offers the residents some dining and retail options, such as:

  • Amore Pizza
  • J D Shuckers
  • Dot Discount Stores
  • Holland Jewelers Inc
  • Prado’s Barber Shop
  • The Grog Shop
  • Mattress Peddlers

Places of Worship

Within the community, there are few places for the residents to worship. The Lighthouse Baptist Church is one that is located on John J. Williams Highway.

Further north is Conley’s United Methodist Church, on Road 289. The church congregation dates back to the 1800s, with a small Methodist society forming in Angola. The church was officially formed in 1838. In 1968, they merged with the Evangelical United Brethren Church and took on the name of Conley’s United Methodist Church. They moved to the area in 2001. The original chapel still stands adjacent to the cemetery that has graves from the early Civil War era.


Most of the households within the area are upper-middle income, making it an above-average income community. However, 33.0% of the children here live below the federal poverty line. The adult working population is employed in the following professions:

  • 42.0% executive, management, and professional positions
  • 25.1% sales and service jobs
  • 19.1% clerical, assistant, and tech support roles
  • 13.7% manufacturing and laborer occupations

The neighborhood residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as the following:

  • 18.9% Irish
  • 17.1% German
  • 14.4% English
  • 9.5% Italian
  • 8.7% Polish
  • 2.8% Hungarian
  • 2.3% Welsh

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