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Beach Plum Island

The island is part of the Cape Henlopen State Park located in Sussex County, Delaware. The larger park takes up six miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, where Delaware Bay connects. The neighboring communities that enjoy the preserved beach include Wiltbank Landing, Broadkill Beach, Oyster Rocks, and Foord Landing. South Bayshore Drive is the only roadway that connects to the island, and it can be reached by taking Route 1 to Broadkill Road.


The Native Americans lived off the area’s abundant resources for years. During the late 1600s, William Penn was granted the land and allowed citizens to harvest the many resources. Eventually, development led to the construction of Fort Miles during World war II including the iconic fire control towers along the coast of the Atlantic. These towers served as defensive and training sites during and after the war. The ecosystem along the state park’s coast includes a diverse collection of habitats. Many species of plants and animals live in the barrier dune, coastal beaches, and maritime forests.


The island and its beach are one of the state’s last undeveloped barrier islands. It is also the only publicly owned wild beach in the state and includes both marsh and dunes. A section of the beach allows for drive-on access for fishing, swimming, and sunbathing. However, a section has been fenced off to preserve the natural habitat for horseshoe crab spawning and shorebird feeding during the spring months. The narrow beach also has a nature trail along the Broadkill River side.

On the inland coast is the Lewes Yacht Club that was established in 1932. The yacht club offers the residents the following amenities:

  • sailing lessons
  • a marina
  • a pool and clubhouse
  • a swim team
  • dining
  • social events

Other boating-related establishments nearby include Freedom Boat Club and First Light Charters LLC.


As a nature preserve state park, the island is free of development and residents. However, the neighboring community of Broadkill Beach shares the waterway and has year-round access to its amenities. The vacation destination can often be seen with vacancy as high as 39.2%. Most of the households are upper-middle income, making it an above-average income neighborhood. Residents in the community’s working population are commonly employed in the following:

  • 48.4% executive, management, and professional roles
  • 27.8% sales and service jobs
  • 17.1% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 6.9% government jobs

English, spoken by 93.4% of households but 2.0% of its residents five years old and above speak Portuguese. Other languages heard by the residents include Polish and Arabic. Some of the residents identify their ancestry as the following:

  • 22.7% Irish
  • 14.0% German
  • 11.5% English
  • 6.2% Scottish
  • 5.1% Italian
  • 4.4% Lebanese
  • 3.6% British

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