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The car accident attorneys in Jimtown, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers would like to share some of the community’s history and highlights.


The unincorporated community of Jimtown is located in the eastern section of Sussex County in the state of Delaware. Located just south of Lewes near Goslee Creek, the neighborhood sits at an elevation of twenty feet or six meters. Some of the nearby communities include Marshtown, Belltown, Arabian Acres, and Aspen Meadows.


The area was settled in around the 1690s after the court granted land on Bundick’s Branch for a petitioner to build a mill. The agreement included that the mill was constructed within fifteen months and ground both wheat and corn. It also specified that it ground eight parts wheat and six parts corn. After two years, Jonathan Bailey finished building his mill on the stream.

Historically the town was an African-American community. During the early 20th century, segregation was still legal in the state, and a “colored” schoolhouse was located in the town. During 1915, in the days of the prohibition era, the town made headlines when twelve residents were arrested during raids.


Just north of Lewes Georgetown Highway is the Nassau Valley Vineyards-Winery. The winery was established in 1993 but founded in 1987 by Peg Raley and her father Bob Raley. They began planting on their family farm after Peg fought the state’s laws prohibiting farm wineries. Her law to create Farm Winery legislation was passed in 1991. Some of the 14 types of wine the winery produces include:

  • Chardonnay
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Merlot

Across from the Elks Lodge on Beaver Dam Road is a newer subdivision, the Coastal Club. This resort-style living community is situated around a 42-acre nature preserve that includes a lighthouse. It will have as many as 600 households and the following amenities:

  • a 3.1-mile trail
  • a clubhouse
  • a pool
  • a pirate ship play area
  • a fitness studio
  • a cocktail lounge


The schools that the children in the neighborhood can attend are part of the Cape Henlopen School District. Some of these include:

  • Shields (Richard A.) Elementary School – located on Sheilds Avenue
  • Beacon Middle School – located on John J. Williams Highway
  • Cape Henlopen High School – located on Kings Highway


English is the primary language spoken by 91.6% of households, while 2.4% speak Spanish. Some of the common ancestries the residents identify include:

  • 21.2% German
  • 20.4% Irish
  • 12.6% Italian
  • 11.6% English
  • 5.0% Polish

The neighborhood households are upper-middle-income. Many of the working townspeople have occupations in the following:

  • 39.2% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 35.5% sales and service jobs – which can include sales accounts and work in fast food
  • 14.9% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 10.3% clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations

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