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The slip and fall attorneys in Ellendale, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers would like to share some of the history surrounding the quaint town.


The town of Ellendale is situated in the northern section of Sussex County in the state of Delaware. Due to its proximity along U. S. Highway 113, it is often called the “Gateway to Delaware’s Resort Beaches.” The area takes up 268.8 acres and has an elevation of 49 feet. The neighboring communities are Federalsburg, New Market, Sussex Woods, Oakley, and Lincoln. The main road through the town is Milton Ellendale Highway, also known as Delaware Route 16. Old North State Road travels along the western border that stops just before Fleatown Road.


Before the Europeans settled in the area, it was covered in forest and swamp. It served the Nanticoke Indian Tribe with hunting grounds until the Lenni Lenape Tribe pushed them out. Once the Europeans came, trade took up between the Lenape Natives and the settlers.

Dr. J. S. Prettyman first laid out the community in 1867. Prettyman named the town after his wife, Ellen. By 1888 the town already had grown to include a brickyard, saw and grist mills, a cannery, several stores, and even a basket factory.

The Nanticoke swamp and forest merged with the other forest reserve between the 1920s and 1930s. This created the largest state forest in the state. In 1936, a work relief program for young men called the Civilian Conservation Corps established the Ellendale State Forest Picnic Facility. The area includes the following amenities for travelers:

  • three buildings
  • log pavilion
  • two covered picnic tables
  • a fieldstone trash pit
  • fieldstone fireplace hearth
  • foundation


The neighborhood has its own fire department that was established in 1920. The company serves the surrounding areas up to 60 miles, including the towns of:

  • Lincoln
  • Cedar Creek
  • New Market
  • Philadelphia
  • Federalsburg
  • Slaughter Neck
  • Cedar Corners
  • Jefferson Crossroads
  • Oakley

The area is also home to a war memorial next to the Town Hall. In addition, there are several historical markers, such as:

  • Cedar Creek Hundred Historical Marker – located on Dupont Highway
  • Georgetown Hundred Historic Markers – located on Dupont Highway
  • Ellendale Railroad Square Historical Marker – located at Main Street and East Railroad Avenue
  • Ellendale Town Historic Marker – located at the Town Square at Main Street and McCaulley Avenue


As of 2010, the neighborhood had 381 residents. This was an increase of 16.5% over the ten-year span. The community had 128 housing units, and the racial makeup was the following:

  • 61.4% white
  • 29.4% African American
  • 6.6% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.5% Asian
  • 0.00% Native American
  • 0.5% Pacific Islander
  • 3.9% other races
  • 4.2% two or more races

The median income per household was $37,083, and for a family, it was $42,841. Men averaged a yearly income of $21,875 versus $17,614 for women. The breakdown of the common types of employment included:

  • 18.22% office and administrative support positions
  • 12.44% sales and service jobs
  • 9.33% maintenance occupations

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