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Woodcrest Estates

The community of Woodcrest Estates is located 7.7 miles south of Georgetown within Sussex County, Delaware. The community is 40 feet, or 12 meters, above sea level and sits in the Eastern Time Zone. It is within the 302 area code and falls within the boundaries of the 19947 ZIP code. The Asketum Branch flows through the neighborhood along with Grays Branch. Neighboring communities include Hardscrabble, Bryans Store, Piney Grove, Shortly, and Whaleys Corner.


The greater region was first home to the Lenape Native American Indian tribes. The natives had encampments along the waterways and lived off their resources, such as fish, shellfish, and more.

The Dutch began settlement as far back as 1631, but the English came in under the leadership of William Penn. Penn was a Quaker and English writer. He led many settlements after he received a land grant from King Charles II in 1681.

In 1791, 76 acres were purchased by George Mitchell, the Delaware State Senator. The land was surveyed and became the center of Georgetown. Many outskirt communities lie around the area that is now a historic district.


The community is home to the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, located on Landfill Lane, which operates three landfills. One of these landfills is the Jones Crossroads Landfill, located at the intersection of Landfill Lane and Hardscrabble Road. The other two are Sandtown Landfill in Felton and Cherry Island Landfill in Wilmington. The Jones Crossroads Landfill takes up 572 acres and was initially opened on September 17, 1984. They not only have a recycling drop-off center but accept the following items:

  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Residential solid waste
  • Refrigerators, air conditioners, and other appliances
  • Household Yard Waste

The neighborhood also offers its residents Precision Paintball, LLC. The center is located on Asketum Branch Road. The paintball center is open for guests of all skill levels and offers group rates for birthday parties and events. They also have lessons for those interested in perfecting their paintball skills and competitions to exercise those skills.


The area is ranked in the top 10.2% of neighborhoods within the state to raise a family. The income level is approximately a middle-income average and is higher than 56.7% of other neighborhoods in the country. It has a 19.1% rate of children living below the poverty line. Some of the occupations held by the working residents included the following:

  • 29.5% manufacturing and laborer jobs
  • 28.8% executive, management, and professional positions
  • 24.4% sales and service professions
  • 16.0% clerical, assistant, and technical support roles

The racial breakdown of the population includes the following:

  • 55.9% white
  • 13.0% African American
  • 28.4% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.7% Asian
  • 2.0% other races

English is the most regularly spoken language spoken in the neighborhood by 84.1% of townspeople. However, 14.0% speak Spanish within their household. Some common ancestries found in the community include the following:

  • 15.4% Irish
  • 10.1% German
  • 8.1% English
  • 3.9% Italian
  • 3.0% Polish

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