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The car accident attorneys in Bryans Store, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers have shared the following details about the community and what it has to offer its residents.

Bryans Store

The unincorporated community of Bryans Store is located in the central region of Sussex County in the state of Delaware. It is 7.8 miles south of Georgetown by taking Shortly Road. The town’s center is situated at the intersection of Bryans Store Road and Hardscrabble Road. Other roads within the community include Jones Store Road, Shiloh Church Road, Conaway Road, and Asketum Branch Road. The town’s elevation is 49 feet above sea level. It is located in the ZIP code area of 19947 and the area code 302.


According to archaeologists ‘ estimates, the area is said to have been inhabited as far back as 14,000 years ago. Many of the natives lived along the rivers, streams, branches, and lakes. The fishing villages were seasonal, and they would travel more inland during the winter months to hunt game. Most of the natives were part of the Lenape, but some were members of tribes that spoke the Algonquian language. The men were assumed to hunt while women would plant and cultivate the crops.


The real estate in the community averages $216,848, which is less than 70.9% of other communities in the state. Rent averages $950 and is lower than 97.4% of the state’s other neighborhoods. Most houses were built between 1970 and 1999. There are many mobile homes throughout the area, and most of the housing is owner-occupied.

The Nanticoke and Indian River Wetland Mitigation Bank is at the north end of the community, just off of Asketum Branch Road. The forest-covered 1,200 acres and was struggling from the toll that land clearing, forestry, development, and even farming had taken on it. The Ecosystem Investment Partners, EIP, was founded in 2006 and is working to bring it back to its natural beauty. The company works not only to preserve but to restore the natural environmental regions but uses their experiences in the following to help achieve better outcomes:

  • land conservation
  • real estate
  • environmental police
  • finance
  • biology
  • hydrology
  • engineering
  • construction

In the same area is a company that also looks to keep the area’s natural beauty, the Secluded Oasis. It offers the community a venue for weddings and events in addition to photography.


The neighborhood is primarily middle-income, making it a moderate-income community. Only 3.2% of the children are reported to be living below the poverty line. The occupational breakdown of the working townspeople was the following:

  • 30.3% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 29.4% executive, management, and professional roles
  • 25.5% sales and service careers
  • 13.8% clerical, assistant, and technical support occupations

Approximately 86.0% of the residents speak English as their primary language, while 12.7% speak Spanish. The following breakdown shows some of the ancestries commonly found within the community:

  • 19.0% English
  • 9.2% Irish
  • 5.7% German
  • 3.7% Puerto Rican
  • 3.0% Italian

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