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The city of Harrington is situated in the southern region of Kent County in the state of Delaware. In addition to the greater area, it helps form the Dover, Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city takes up 1,747.2 acres, of which 6.4 acres is water, like Brown’s Branch. The roadways that run through the town include Clark Street, Commerce Street, Delaware Avenue, and East Liberty Street.


The community was named after a former Delaware chancellor, Hon. Samuel Maxwell Harrington. Samuel was born in Dover and was a descendant of both English and German ancestors. He studied at Washington College and graduated in 1823 at the top of his class. His love for legal learning began at an early age, and he became chief justice at only 28 years old.

Historical Society

The Greater Harrington Historical Society, located on Fleming Street, was founded in 1977 and is one of the state’s oldest historical societies. The first museum, out of the three, was in St Stephen’s Episcopal Church. The church was built in 1876 and renovated in 1983 to include the re-installation of the Rose Window. The window was purchased by the church in 1877 for $75.00. Artifacts from Harrington High School and a military tribute are found in this museum.

The second museum is located on Fleming Street in the Pauline Satterfield Annex that was constructed in 1987. Housewares and business artifacts that could no longer fit in the original museum are on display here. Some of the most popular include:

  • a store counter and a soda fountain from the historic Burton’s Sport Shop
  • a 1900s model of the town
  • a seed cabinet from Taylor’s Hardware
  • a horse-drawn funeral coach

The last museum was purchased in 1993 to save a historical landmark. Off Hanley Street, just two blocks from the main museum, are the Railroad Tower and Caboose. The tower has been restored and has many artifacts on display within it, and the caboose, built in 1926, was also restored. Some of these include:

  • watchman shack
  • a conductors uniform
  • several examples of railroad tools


The neighborhood has a population of 3,174 people in 2000 that help make up the 1,223 households and 825 families within the city. The race and ethnic breakdown of the community were the following:

  • 75.2% white
  • 21.6% African American
  • 2.5% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.3% Native American
  • 0.4% Asian
  • 0.1% Pacific Islander
  • 0.7% other races
  • 1.7% two or more races

English is the main language in the households, but some residents speak Spanish and Italian. Some of the ancestries that the townspeople identify as include the following:

  • English
  • Irish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian

As many as 14.44% of the adult residents have at least a bachelor’s degree. The town’s per capita was $19,392 in 2018. The median for the household’s income within the community was$30,945 in 2000. Some of the occupations that are filled by the employed residents included:

  • 19.07% food service
  • 10.05% sales positions
  • 8.66% healthcare support services

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