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The unincorporated community of Blackbird is located north of Smyrna within New Castle County in Delaware. The town center is at the intersection of U.S. Route 13, also known as Dupont Highway, and Blackbird Station Road. It falls in the ZIP code 19734 along with Townsend that is just northwest of the neighborhood. Some of the waterways within the area include Barlow Branch, Blackbird Creek, and Sandom Branch.


The area was initially a stop for stagecoaches that traveled along the King’s Highway. Many settlements surrounded the mill on Blackbird Creek. The creek flows 16.9 miles northeast. It has a northerly branch located in the Blackbird State Forest and a southerly branch in wooded, swampy farmland. The name is said to have come from the legend of Blackbeard, the pirate that tradition suggests he traveled along the creek and even hid his booty on its edge.


The community is home to the Townsend Church, located on Dupont Parkway. Some other places of worship nearby include:

  • Glorious Church-God in Christ
  • The Mission Church
  • Friendship United Methodist Church

The Scotty’s Place Airport is located off of Gum Bush Road. The airport is privately owned by Scott W. Powell and sits on 24 acres.

A community center offers the residents a place for social events, such as the recent Crab Raffle and the annual Christmas Memorial Service. Residents can rent the space for private parties of no more than 100 guests, as well.


The greater area that falls under the ZIP code of 19734 has a population of 11,892, consisting of 3,783 households. The racial and ethnicity breakdown was the following:

  • 76.3% white
  • 1.8% Hispanic or Latino
  • 19.7% African American
  • 0.3% Asian
  • 1.3% two or more races
  • 0.6% other races

The community is fairly diverse. Some of the common ancestries that the residents identify with include:

  • 20.8% Irish
  • 16.3% English
  • 15.3% German
  • 11.9% Italian
  • 4.2% Polish
  • 3.3% Subsaharan African
  • 2.7% Dutch

The average income per household within the neighborhood is $85,800. Some occupations held by the working residents include:

  • 15.4% Administrative
  • 12.3% Management
  • 8.5% Sales and Related
  • 7.9% Construction
  • 7.7% Healthcare
  • 5.5% Education

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