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The personal injury lawyers in Milton, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers would like to present some interesting facts on the town.


The town of Milton is situated in the northern region of Sussex County within the state of Delaware. The 1,209.6-acre community lies on the Broadkill River that flows into the Delaware Bay. It helps make up the Salisbury, Maryland-Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area. The nearest neighbors include Sand Hill, Gravel Hill, Cripple Creek, Anderson’s Corner, and Saulsbury Switch.


English colonists initially settled the area in 1675 and, by 1763, was known as the Head of Broadkiln. In 1807, the town was renamed after the English poet John Milton. On March 17, 1865, it was officially recognized as the Town of Milton.

The town is home to 198 historical structures that have been added to the national register. Some of these include:

  • the Hazzard House – built in the 18th century
  • Gov. James Ponder House – built around 1875
  • the Draper–Adkins House – built around 1840


The town holds its historical elements in high regard. The Milton Historical Society, located on Union Street, was once home to the Grace Methodist Church. The church was built in 1857 and included a stamped metal ceiling and several stained glass windows. Some of the collections that can be viewed at the museum include items from the 1600s to the 2000s, such as:

  • photographs
  • vintage nautical items
  • old books
  • a compass from the 1900s
  • old needlework

The neighborhood caters to the locals but also to the tourists that visit during the summer. Many recreational amenities, like boating and fishing, can be enjoyed along the many waterways, such as:

  • Broadkill River
  • Wagamon’s Pond
  • Diamond Pond
  • Lavinia Pond

The Dogfish Head Brewery, located on Village Center Boulevard, was established in 1995. Its owner, Sam Calagione, oversees the production of over  262,000 barrels of beer each year. At the brewery are two restaurants, Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats and Chesapeake & Maine. The seafood served at the restaurants is all caught in the Chesapeake Bay and Maine.


Children in the town can attend schools that are part of the Cape Henlopen School District. Some of these public school options include:

  • Milton Elementary School
  • H. O. Brittingham Elementary School
  • Cape Henlopen High School


The town’s population was 1,657 in 2000, which made up the 700 households and 438 families within its borders. By 2010 the population had increased by 55.5% to an astounding count of 2,576 and is projected to continue rising. The following is the breakdown of the races within the neighborhood:

  • 67.11% white
  • 8.93% Hispanic or Latino
  • 24.32% African American
  • 0.24% Native American
  • 0.12% Pacific Islander
  • 0.48% Asian
  • 1.69% two or more races
  • 6.04% other races

In 2000, the household median income was $32,368 and was $40,313 a family income. Many of the occupations represented in the adult employed community included:

  • 19.5% Administrative
  • 12.0% Sales and Related
  • 12.0% Education
  • 7.9% Food Service
  • 7.3% Production

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