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Woods Haven

The community of Woods Haven is located within Milford, a city situated on the northern border of Sussex and southern border of Kent Counties, in the state of Delaware. Some of the roadways within the neighborhood include North East 10th Street, Birch Avenue, Spruce Avenue, North Rehoboth Boulevard, and Milford Bypass.


The English began to settle in the greater area around 1670. William Penn was granted the Delaware Colony, which encompassed the region, in 1682. The land was then surveyed and sold in lots for small farms, such as grain farms. With the farms being smaller, fewer slaves were needed, and the area was home to a large population of free African Americans by the early 19th century.


The community is home to the family-owned and operated Sunnybrae Mansion Farm. It is located on the western side of the community off of North East 10th Street. The three-story home boasted a Georgian Revival-style architecture and was built in 1937. Not only does the estate serve as a beautiful wedding venue, but it also rents out its ten bedrooms and seven bathrooms for vacation rentals. The house was built by one of the famous Dupont family friends. It has 6,800 square feet that are full of antiques and reproductions. It is also open for tours for the residents of the community. Some of the rooms to tour include:

  • James Monroe Room
  • George Lippincott – the master bedroom suite
  • Kimmel Room
  • Gibson Room
  • Larrimore Room
  • The Butterfly Bathroom
  • The Scarlet O’Hara Powder Room


The residents in the neighborhood are mainly lower-middle income, making it a below-average income community. There are approximately 13.6% of the children in the town living below the federal poverty line. Some occupations most commonly held by the employed include:

  • 38.1% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 33.0% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 19.6% sales and service jobs
  • 10.6% government jobs

The area is fairly diverse, and as many as 21.5% of the townspeople were born outside of the United States. Approximately 67.5% speak English as their first language, and 17.4% speak French. Spanish is also spoken in the households within the community. Some of the commonly noted ancestries identified by the residents include:

  • 18.8% Haitian
  • 6.2% Puerto Rican
  • 6.0% Irish
  • 4.7% German
  • 3.3% Italian

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