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Little Creek

The town of Little Creek is located in the eastern section of Kent County in the state of Delaware. The 64-acre town sits on Main Street, also known as Delaware Route 9. Some nearby neighborhoods are Oak Grove, White Oak Farms, Laffertys Corner, Port Mahon, and Edge Hill. In addition to Main Street that travels the length of the narrow town, there is Port Mahon Road, Wilson Lane, and Bell Street.


During the summer of 1748, John Woolman attended a Quaker meeting within the town. Woolman was a Quaker preacher and early abolitionist. He traveled the region not only spreading the Quaker beliefs but also advocating for the end of slavery. He even supported the idea of tax resistance, denying support of the colonial armies. Woolman authored and published many works, including:

  • 1753 – “Some Considerations on the Keeping of Negroes”
  • 1768 – “Considerations on Pure Wisdom and Human Policy, on Labor, on Schools, and on the Right Use of the Lord’s Outward Gifts”
  • 1770 – “Considerations on the True Harmony of Mankind, and How it is to be Maintained”

Historical Landmarks

The community has many historical landmarks and structures within its borders. The Old Stone Tavern, located on Main Street, sits across from the Little Creek Methodist Church. The Tavern was constructed in 1829 using stone Georgian-style architecture. Despite its name, the building has always been a residential home and is often referred to as the Nowell House or Bell House.

The neighboring Little Creek Methodist Church was built around 1883 using a Late Gothic Revival architectural style, but the congregation was established in 1820. Its distinct square bell tower is topped with a tapered, pyramidal cupola that houses a bell. Within the bell tower is a rose stained glass window.

The Little Creek Hundred Rural Historic District is home to 21 buildings, a site, and a structure. Within the historic district are a schoolhouse and a historic Quaker meeting house. Most of the buildings are built out of brick, but two were constructed using stone, and three were framed with wood.


As of 2000, the neighborhood had 195 residents, 67 households, and 49 families. Between 2000 to 2010, the town’s population rose 14.9%, bringing it up to 224 residents. The diversity of the races within the community was the following:

  • 91.28% white
  • 3.59% Hispanic or Latino
  • 6.67% African American
  • 0.51% Native American
  • 1.03% two or more races
  • 0.51% other races

The median income for the households in the town was $39,375 in 2000. A family income averaged $41,563. Some of the occupations held by the working population included:

  • 32.2% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 27.3% manufacturing and laborer occupation
  • 27.2% sales and service jobs
  • 13.3% clerical, assistant, and tech support

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