Have you been injured by a negligent party? Have you fallen due to unsafe conditions, or been in an auto accident? No matter how you got injured, chances are you will be out of work. Not being able to work for an extended period of time, can put a strain on your bank account. Luckily there is a way to get some of those lost wages back. Below are some tips that can help you get the process started.

1. Seek Medical Treatment

The first thing you should do when you have been injured, at no fault of your own, is to seek medical attention. Keep in mind that the longer you wait to seek medical treatment, the less of a chance you will have of being able to recover lost wages. Seeking medical treatment right away will also help prevent further injuries.

2. Obtain Proof Of Your Injury

Before you can file a claim for lost wages, you will first have to prove your injuries. To provide proof of your injuries, you will need to obtain any medical records during the time you got hurt. These records will indicate your injuries, and it will help a judge determine how serious they are.

The judge will then be able to compare how much time you were out of work, to the extent of your injuries. This will help them decide on an amount to award you.

3. Get A Letter From Your Employer

When you’re trying to obtain compensation for lost wages after an injury, you should get a letter from your employer. In this letter, he or she will need to state what your role is at the company, and how many hours you are scheduled to work weekly.

Also, they will need to provide information on your hourly wage or salary. This letter will prove to be very valuable in court. When a judge sees that your employer has provided this information, it will make it easier for you to receive compensation.

4. Be Honest

It is very important to be honest about your injuries, and the amount of wages you have lost. Trying to game the system, by lying about your lost wages, can backfire on you. In fact, it may even land you in hot water with the legal system.

It is against the law to make false claims about wages, and you could even be charged with a crime. Always make sure you are completely honest about your lost wages.

5. Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

Once you have all of your information in hand, it is time to seek legal advice. You should contact a personal injury attorney to look over your case. Chances are, they will be able to help you recover lost wages, and any damages that you may have suffered.

Having a personal injury attorney on your side will better your odds of getting the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured, make sure that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. They will be able to help you get the ball rolling.