Regardless of the level of severity, having a car accident can be traumatizing. It can sometimes take a long time for one to think clearly, or even realize the seriousness of their injuries.

In most cases, car accidents are given a statute of limitations period of about two years, although some states have longer periods. The statute of limitations is the period provided for you to file a lawsuit against other parties for negligence.

In other words, after engaging in an accident, you have two years (or more, in some states) from the date of the accident to file your claim. If you fail to file a claim during this period, you will automatically be barred from taking the case to court.

Whether you are filing for a personal injury lawsuit, or dealing with an insurance claim, you should do it immediately after the accident.

When Should You File An Injury Claim?

You don’t need to wait very long to file a claim. Just in case you are injured and still receiving medical treatment, it is always a good idea to get the process started while you recover.

If you wait for too long, you may actually run into a filing deadline. Aside from this, you’ll also be blocked from taking the case to court. Once you have the case filed, you can then look for a law firm to assess the nature and scope of your damages.

In as much as insurance companies are supposed to represent their clients, some of them concentrate more on their profit margins. If you lack strong evidence against your claim, they are more likely to offer you little to no settlement, even if you deserved much more compensation.

However, in case you have any doubt about if you should file a lawsuit, the following steps will ease the process for you.

Document Everything Regarding The Accident

Most insurance claims do fail to get proper compensation, simply because they do not present evidence. It is therefore essential for you to collect any available evidence immediately after a car accident. Take as many pictures as possible. The images should clearly indicate the accident scene and property damaged.

Also, you can keep your medical bills, among other documentations. The more evidence you have, the more you are likely to win a significant settlement.

Hire An Attorney

You also need to seek legal assistance from a personal injury attorney. They will act within your best interest to ensure that you are well compensated. Better yet, the attorneys frequently work with these insurance companies and therefore, understands how best to win a settlement.

The question of how long you should take to file a personal injury lawsuit after an accident is usually common. The best response is that you need to file the lawsuit as quickly as possible.

Nonetheless, you can contact an attorney to advise you promptly on the case. If you take too long, you might be limited by the statute. Usually, the process of seeking compensation can be tiresome.

Therefore, you are advised to speak to an attorney for assistance. Also, ensure that you have strong evidence to support your case to secure a better settlement.