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The slip and fall attorneys in Landlith, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers have shared some historical information about the neighborhood.


Landlith is an unincorporated community located in Wilmington, just north of Brandywine Creek. It is situated in the northeastern region of New Castle County in Delaware. The western border is formed by Northeast Boulevard, also known as United States Route 13. The neighboring communities include Quaker Hill, South Wilmington, Edgemoor, and Pennnyhill Terrace. The Delaware Art Museum is located only 2.9 miles away, taking Vandever Avenue.

Neighborhood History

In 1946 a group of the town’s residents came together to find a place for the local youth to host afterschool activities. The Kingswood United Methodist Church accepted the request, but by 1956, the small church space was too small for the growing program. Thanks to financial help from local philanthropists and foundations, the current location was purchased on Bowers Street. The Kingswood Community City offers many events and activities for the residents, including:

  • afterschool dances
  • baseball games
  • Early Learning Academy
  • before and after school programming
  • health information sessions
  • senior citizen programs

The Howard R. Young Correctional Institution, also known as the Gander Hill Prison, first opened its doors in 1982. Howard R. Young was the facility’s first warden when it opened in 1982. Young died in 2001 after battling cancer. Originally the institute was designed to hold 360 inmates but has been expanded to accept up to 1,500 since the addition added in 1992. The facility is an all-male institute owned by the Delaware Department of Correction.

Along Brandywine Street and East 12th Street is a community gem, the E.D. Robinson Urban Farm, also known as the Brandywine Urban Farm. Once a lot covered in debris and rubbish, the area was completely transformed at the direction of a local bartender, Adrienne Spencer. The farm, named after Eric Robinson, a former City Councilman, and neighborhood activist, offers the residents a space to grow their own crops for a mere $5 per month. The farm, which is host to 600 square feet of community gardening and 1,400 square feet of commercial garden space, has been recognized by the Delaware Center for Horticulture as both a national and regional model of success in urban agriculture.


The majority of the town consider English to be their primary language, and it is spoken by 93.9%. However, as many as 5.4% speak Spanish as their first language. The ancestral makeup of the neighborhood is the following:

  • 10.3% Sub-Saharan African
  • 9.2% African
  • 6.1% Jamaican
  • 4.2% Puerto Rican
  • 2.9% Mexican

The town is primarily a low-income neighborhood with as many as 61.1% of the children below the poverty rate. The income is lower than 96.4% of other neighborhoods in the United States. It has a large population working in military occupations as well as farming. A large part of the community’s population resides at the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution. The occupational breakdown of the employed townspeople is the following:

  • 31.7% sales and service occupations
  • 30.5% clerical, assistant, and technical support positions
  • 21.4% executive, management, and professional roles
  • 16.3% manufacturing and laborer jobs

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