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The workers’ comp attorneys in Milton, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers extend the following historical details about the neighborhood for your educational pleasure.


The town of Milton is situated in the northeastern region of Sussex County in the state of Delaware. It lies on the Delmarva Peninsula, and the Broadkill River cut through its center, along with Wagamons Pond. The main roadways include Union Street, Broadkill Road, and Federal Street. Harbeson is the south of the town, and Jeffersons Crossroads is to the north.


The first English settlers arrived by the Broadkill River, emptying into the Delaware Bay, in 1675. In 1807, the town was named after John Milton, an English poet that moved into the area. It became a municipality in 1865, according to the charter passed by the Delaware General Assembly. The town’s economy during the time was mainly from shipbuilding.

The neighborhood’s architectural style consisted of Victorian and Colonial styles that can still be found along Federal and Union Streets. The community is home to 198 buildings listed on the Federal Register Historic District. Some of the homes and sites listed in the Milton Historic District are:

  • the Lydia Black Cannon Museum
  • the Governor James Carey home
  • the Chestnut Street Cemetery
  • the Governor David Hazzard Mansion


The Milton Fire Department, located on Front Street, was established on November 14, 1901. It was not until the mid-1940s that they acquired the large building to call home. In 1960 they purchased the adjoining lang and added the back bay.

The area is also home to Milton Historical Society, founded in 1970. It resides in the former Methodist Church that was built in 1857, donated by Lydia Black Cannon. The building serves the community as the following:

  • a museum
  • lecture hall
  • art gallery
  • educational and research center


There was a population of 2,576 in 2010 per the US census. From 2000 to 2010, the population increase by 55.5%, as many as 919 more residents move into the area within the ten-year span. The breakdown of races was the following:

  • 67.11% white
  • 24.32% African American
  • 8.93% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.24% Native American
  • 0.48% Asian
  • 0.12% Pacific Islander
  • 6.04% other races
  • 1.69% two or more races

Spanish is spoken by 6.5% of the townspeople, and 91.6% speak English as their primary language. The ancestral makeup of the residents was the following:

  • 17.0% Irish
  • 11.7% German
  • 9.5% English
  • 6.5% Polish
  • 4.4% Mexican

The median income per family household was $40,313 and for individual households was $32,368 in 2000. Men averaged $26,065, while women averaged $23,269. The breakdown of the residents by occupation is the following:

  • 40.2% executive, management, and professional professions
  • 31.0% sales and service positions
  • 14.0% manufacturing and laborer jobs
  • 13.2% clerical, assistant, and technical support roles

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