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The worker’s comp attorneys in Briarwood Manor, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers, would like to share the following information about the area.

Briarwood Manor

Briarwood Manor is located within Sussex County, Delaware. Milton is 5.3 miles north of the neighborhood, and downtown Georgetown is 5.1 miles southwest. Andersons Corner is to the south of the town, and Harbeson is located to its east. The main roadways are Delaware Route 9, Delaware Route 30, and Prettyman Road. The Beaverdam Creek and Round Pole Branch are some of the waterways that run through the area.

Town Highlights

The town was purchased along with other areas to make up 10,000 acres, purchased by Harbeson Hickman in 1859. Harbeson, located just to the east of the neighborhood, was named after him. His father was a businessman that co-founded the steamboat along the Delaware River. The steamboat traveled between Lewes to neighboring states.

This rural town is home to many acres of undeveloped land, such as Shady Oak Farm, established in 1989. Another great space that has preserved the natural beauty is the Homestead Campground, located on Prettyman Road. The campground offers the following amenities:

  • two bark parks
  • community center
  • game room
  • laundry room
  • two pools
  • Wifi lounge
  • fishing dock
  • splash pad

Another landmark is Allen Harim Chicken Industries, located off of Harbeson Road. This structure serves as the processing plant for the Allen Harris headquarters located in Seaford, Delaware, about 19 miles away. Originally the company was a Delaware-based family business called Allen Family Foods and was established in 1919 by Charles C. Allen and Nellie G. Allen. At one point, the factory became the 18th-largest chicken producer in the world. However, they would be forced to file for bankruptcy in 2011. A prominent chicken producer in South Korea stepped in and acquired most of the business, bringing it back to life. Although the company has been accused of inhumanely treating its chickens, the company is going strong today.


The average price for homes in the area is $389,619, which is pricier than 80.8% of other neighborhoods in the state. Rent runs approximately $1,614, which is also higher than 63.1% of other communities in Delaware. Houses in the area are generally larger, having more than three bedrooms, and are spread out on larger properties.

As many as 13.4% of the residents work from home, saving them the commute into the larger nearby cities. The occupational breakdown of the working adults is the following:

  • 41.4% professional, executive, or management occupations
  • 27.7% service or sales positions
  • 23.1 labor or manufacturing careers
  • 7.8% assistant, clerical, or technical support roles


The primary language spoken in the area is English, but as many as 5.3% speak Spanish as their first language. The area has a large population of people with Swedish ancestry. The ancestral breakdown of the townspeople is the following:

  • 18.5% German
  • 18.2% Irish
  • 12.1% English
  • 8.9% Italian
  • 6.7% Polish
  • 4.3% Swedish
  • 1.0% Brazilian

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