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Nothing can be as stressful as being stopped on the freeway and needing a tow. Maybe it’s not covered by insurance, so if you find yourself looking for one on your own, check out our top two recommended tow companies, located in Cheswold.

towing near Cheswold, DE injury lawyer

McKinney’s Towing & Road Services

Mckinney’s Towing is staffed with a professional and experienced team who understands their number one priority is you as their customer. When dealing with a drastic, customers need to be able to rely on a towing company that can dispatch service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

They serve customers who need towing services for many reasons, such as accident recovery, unlocking vehicles, jumpstarting batteries, hauling inoperable vehicles, storing, and impounding.

With 24/7 roadside assistance and a responsive towing team, McKinney’s Towing is a go-to for reliable and prompt service.

Harris Towing Group

Harris Towing provides fast, damage-free, safe towing to the residents in Delaware as well as surrounding areas at an affordable cost.

Using the latest technology in towing equipment, they strive to stay up-to-date with software and guarantee to give you the best customer experience possible.

Along with towing services, they also offer a full-service auto repairs center to make your process a one-stop-shop for towing and vehicle repairs. They also provide lockout services for those who find yourselves sitting outside your car with the keys inside.

Harris Towing extends emergency services to the Dover Police Department, Delaware State Police, Motor Clubs, and a list of insurance companies.

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