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The neighborhood Lynford is located in the city of Wilmington that is situated in the northern region of New Castle County, New Jersey. The neighborhood is found in the eastern section of the city and is surrounded by communities that include Woodcrest, Ashley Heights, Scarborough Park, Willow Run, and Avalon. Boxwood Road travels through the neighborhood along with Centerville Road and Champlain Avenue.


The Dutch purchased the land from the Lenape, or Delaware Indians, following the exploration headed by Henry Hudson in 1609. Along with the area around the Christina River, it made up the colony of New Sweden headquarters ruled by Colonel Johan Printz.

The area was part of Swedish settlements, such as:

  • Översidolandet
  • Strandviken
  • Sidoland
  • Timmerön

However, in 1664, the British began to take reign of the area bringing Quaker influences by William Penn.


In the southern section of the neighborhood is the Conrad Schools of Science. The school opened in 1936 and serves grades 6th through 12th. Initially, the school was part of the Red Clay Consolidated School District as a middle school. It transitioned to a life magnet school in 2007 and can have as many as 1,190 students attending. Admissions are granted based on a lottery, and approximately 1,500 applications are received each school year.

Other schools in the area for the residents to attend include:

  • Richardson Park Elementary School
  • ECHOTECH School Of Health Sciences And Technology

Along Boxwood Road are many of the neighborhood businesses, including:

  • Phil’s Auto Repair Inc
  • Le Ann’s Bridal, Quinceanera & Prom
  • Amazon Distribution Center
  • Party Pizza


The median income for the households in the greater area was $32,884 in 2010. For a family, the income was $37,352. Employed men brought in an average income of $41,878 versus $36,587 for women. The following are the commonly held occupations within the community’s workforce:

  • 28.4% executive, management, and professional positions
  • 27.4% sales and service jobs
  • 26.1% manufacturing and laborer jobs
  • 17.7% clerical, assistant, and tech support roles

As many as 26.6% of the area’s population was born in countries other than the United States. English is the primary language for 65.6% of the townspeople, while 11.9% speak Italian, and some even speak Spanish. Some of the common ancestries found within the community include the following:

  • 19.4% Mexican
  • 10.8% German
  • 9.3% Irish
  • 8.7% Italian
  • 7.9% English
  • 5.9% Dominican

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