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The personal injury lawyers in Gum Crossroads, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers have presented the following article about the neighborhood’s history and highlights.

Gum Crossroads

Gum Crossroads is an unincorporated community situated in the center of Sussex County in the state of Delaware. The community is just 6.0 miles southwest of Georgetown. Whaleys Corner is east of the town while Old Furnace is west. Flea Hill is just north of the neighborhood, and Hardscrabble is south. Road 444A, Road 484, Old Furnace Road, Asbury Road, and Rementer Road are the main roadways in the area. The town’s elevation is 43 feet or 13 meters. It has just one area code that is 302.


The first inhabitants of the area are believed to have arrived between 10,000 and 14,000 years ago. These Native American tribes were forced to migrate east towards the Indian River Bay. The Nanticoke Tribe consists of approximately 4,000 members.

In 1609, Henry Hudson, along with his crew on the Half Moon, was the first European settlers in the county of Sussex. They entered near Delaware Bay and traveled the coastal area. William Penn was granted land by the King of England around 1861 to 1862. The county lines were established, despite the state disputes, in 1750.


The area is included in the Georgetown Hundred, formed in 1863, that was initially part of the Broadkill Hundred. The Broadkill Hundred, established in 1696, was named after the creek by the Dutch settlers. However, in 1833, the General Assembly of 1833 renamed it Broadkiln Hundred. The Hundreds were the first geographical divisions, or colonial holdings, of the state made by Great Britain. The state still uses them for geographical reference.


The area revolves around agriculture and contains many farms, including Stag Run Farm. This family-owned produce farm was founded in 2003 and is home to one of the largest orchards in the state’s southern portion. Not only do they have a local farmer’s market set up in three locations, but they also provide the following products:

  • Chrissy’s Bee Honey
  • apples
  • peach
  • cherries
  • tomatoes
  • asparagus

Just across Old Furnace Road is a watermelon farm among the many cornfields. Heading toward Whaleys Corner is Rivas Auto Repair, serving the community for approximately 20 years. The technicians offer the residents the following services:

  • engine repairs
  • diagnostic testing
  • oil changes
  • brake replacements
  • and so much more


The county average annual household income was $51,046 in 2010. This was an increase from $39,208 in 2000. As many as 30.5% of the greater area work in manufacturing or labor occupations.

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