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Bridgeville Historical Society

Bridgeville Historical Society focuses on collecting and preserving artifacts that embody the history of Bridgeville and Sussex County. Their goal has been to be able to educate the community and visitors since 1999.

Founded in 1976 with a mere 20 members, they have grown to over 200 dedicated members of the society. The museum currently showcases several different exhibits that are all open to the public.


Some exhibitions displayed provide information on Rapa scrapples, the history of the railroad, and agricultural history. There are also a few artifacts presented, such as an organ, cigar press, a vintage dresser, and more. Other preserved historical items include maps, pictures, and stories that share historical relevance in Bridgeville.

The society has several means of resources available for them to continue collecting historical pieces and artifacts. With a collection of history on businesses, families, special events, and more, they can safely keep business merchandise, historical household objects, framed photographs, and documents intact for guests to view.

During the year, the museum hosts educational presentations on a variety of topics and is open to the public four days a week, Tuesday through Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm. Due to a lack of volunteers, they are unable to open 7 days a week.

With that said, consider volunteering at the museum to help out the community if you leave near Bridgeville, DE. This small yet enriched historical museum is a great stop to make whether you’re a visitor or a local in Bridgeville and allows you to see how the town developed over the many years.

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