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The information in this article is kindly sponsored by the personal injury lawyers in Georgetown, Delaware, from Schuster Jachetti LLP. Our legal team enjoys providing articles on the history of the neighborhood in which our law firm resides, including the majority of our clients. We hope you find this history of Georgetown fascinating and can hopefully learn something you didn’t know before. 

Town History

Georgetown holds the county seat of Sussex County in Delaware and is a part of the Salisbury metropolitan area. Georgetown was not always the county seat; Lewes was designated the first county seat in the 17th century.

Sussex County was the cause of conflict for quite some time between William Penn and Frederick Calvert over the dispute over borders and the location of the county seat. After 1760, the county was defined, and borders were moved, causing Georgetown to be more central, hence the later designation as the county seat.

On May 9, 1791, Delaware State Senator commissioners purchased 78 acres of land for the purpose of building a town, which soon became the land which Georgetown is situated. The land is also listed as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. The land was strategically purchased with borders going out evenly in every direction to ensure Georgetown is 16 miles from any destination around Sussex County.

Historical Architecture

Georgetown is unique to Delaware towns in that it was built around a circle rather than the more conventional park square. The Town Hall, state and county offices, and the landmark Sussex County Courthouse are all located on “The Circle.”

The existing Courthouse, which was constructed in 1837 on South Bedford Street, replaced the old Courthouse and is managed by the Georgetown Historical Society.  The Circle is lined with law offices, shops, a bank, and the Brick Hotel, which has recently undergone renovation.

A few other notable historic landmarks and properties are:

  • Joseph T. Adams
  • First Broiler House
  • Old Sussex County Courthouse
  • Richards Mansion
  • Thomas Sipple House
  • McColley’s Chapel
  • Brick Hotel
  • David Carlton Pepper Farm

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