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The personal injury lawyers in Lewes, Delaware, have kindly sponsored the information in this article on the history of Lewes, the town where our local law office is located. We hope you find its article fascinating and learn a bit of Lewes that you might not have known before. 


On June 3, 1631, Dutch settlers founded Zwaanendael, the first European settlement in Delaware (Swan Valley), later renamed Lewes. In 1632, a nearby tribe of Lenape Native Americans wiped out the settlement, killing all 32 inhabitants.

The area was abandoned by the Dutch until 1662, when, under threat of colonization by the colony of Maryland, the city of Amsterdam granted land to a community of Mennonites. King Charles II gave William Penn the Delaware colonies in 1682 as compensation for family debt. Penn then named the county Sussex and the land where the Hoernkills settled Lewes.

The town of Lewes was incorporated on February 2, 1818, a few years after the War of 1813, where the Royal Navy bombarded Lewes.


Residents in Washington, D.C., and the nearby suburbs flock to Lewes for vacations and resorts. Despite the fact that the city limits are more on the Delaware Bay’s lower reaches, it is still considered an ocean resort, particularly because the ocean is close by at Cape Henlopen.

The town’s most prominent museum, the Zwaanendael Museum that features exhibits that showcase Delaware’s history throughout the centuries. The Lewes Historical Society is another must-visit when in town. The Society offers a variety of enriching cultural exhibitions, educational programs, history articles and publications, and so much more.


Since the town is so close to beach access, there’s a variety of parks that offer beautiful views and greenery to enjoy. A few of our favorites are:

  • Stango Park
  • Zwaanendael Park & Herb Garden
  • Mary Vessels Park
  • Lewes Beach
  • Great Marsh Park
  • Blockhouse Pond Park
  • Cannonball Park
  • Canalfront Park & Marina

Lewes is also home to several iconic Lighthouses seen along the Delaware Bay. Be sure to take some time to explore them during your visit.

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