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Wilmington is one of the largest cities with the greatest population in all of Delaware, with an approximate population of 70,000, stated in the 2019 United States Census. The city is also known for its rich historical significance and variety of historical attractions to explore.


Wilmington is located on the land where Fort Christina used to belong, known as the first Swedish settlement in North America. The land is situated between the Christina River and Brandywine River. The area was previously settled by the Delaware Indian group, the Lenape, briefly before Henry Hudson came across the land in 1609.

17th & 18th Century

British settlement began in 1664, and after a series of wars between the Dutch and the English, the region was established under British control, with heavy influences from Quaker societies under Proprietor William Penn.

In 1777, shortly after the Battle of Brandywine, British troops continued to occupy Wilmington and stayed until they vacated in 1778. During the Civil War, the city saw the most rapid growth. Despite being a Union territory, Delaware was a frontier state that was split in its support for both the Confederate and Union movements. Ships, railroads, gunpowder, boots, and other war-related items were among the goods and services supplied by Wilmington during the war.


Based on the information provided by the census of 2010, there were an estimated 70,851 people, 28,615, and 15,398 families that resided in the city of Wilmington.


Wilmington’s economy is largely dependent on its position as Delaware’s most populous and easily accessible community, a state that attracted businesses with business-friendly financial laws and a long-standing reputation for a reasonable and efficient judiciary system.

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