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The unincorporated community of Hollyville is found in the western region of Sussex County in the state of Delaware. It helps to make up the Salisbury, Maryland-Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area. In addition to Fairmont and Hollymount, the community helps form the Three Sisters communities. The neighboring communities include White Horse Farm and Zoar. The main roadways in the community are Hollyville Road, Harbeson Road, and Hurdle Ditch Road.

Early History

The area was initially home to the Nanticoke Nation of Native American Indians. The Algonquian translation of Nanticoke, or Nantaquak, means people of tidewaters. They would set up camp along the water edges and live off of the resources of the water, such as:

  • fish
  • beads
  • shells
  • clams
  • mussels
  • eels

They would seasonally travel inland for hunting of the following:

  • turkeys
  • deer
  • opossums
  • rabbits
  • bear
  • partridges

The Natives lived along the many waterways throughout the area but mainly resided by the Nanticoke River, formerly the Kuskarawaok River. Their initial size was said to include 200 warriors in addition to their families, a much more significant population than some other tribes like the Powhatan.

After the European settlements began, the tribe was pushed further inland upon heavily restricted reservations. They were given the smaller sections of the land, but they could not leave them under the laws, even during hunting season. Some of the Natives moved off of the reserves and took on the lifestyle of the predominant culture. Just south of the town center, off of Mount Joy Road, is a reserve that was donated to the tribe in 2005.


In 1881, the Indian Mission United Methodist Church was established. The local residents who were descendants of the original Nanticoke people formed the church to worship God and retain their Native American heritage. Within the county, there are approximately 550 descendants of the Nanticoke Indians. Annually, the congregations host a Nanticoke Powwow that registers as many as 40,000 visitors over the event’s two days. Although the event takes place north in Milton, the churchgoers look forward to the celebration each year and meeting up with other members of the tribe and faith.


The population for the ZIP code was 1,873 and consisted of 681 households. The racial makeup of the greater area was the following:

  • 84.2% white 
  • 3.4% African American
  • 5.7% Hispanic or Latino
  • 1.7% other races
  • 2.4% two or more races

The residents have a wide variety of ancestries they identify with, including the following:

  • 16.2% Irish
  • 13.2% German
  • 9.2% Italian
  • 7.0% English
  • 5.5% Mexican

The annual income for the area was $49,900. The most common occupations for the residents was the following:

  • 13.7% production
  • 12.3% health technician
  • 10.3% food service
  • 9.8% administration
  • 8.3% management
  • 6.1% education

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