Even though some people may not realize it, bus drivers have a very difficult and challenging job. The types of responsibilities that normally come along with this position are often common for many; this includes operating their vehicles for long hours, performing repetitive tasks, and working under some of the most hazardous conditions.

In fact, for those who take on those responsibilities, it usually means that there will be a higher risk of sustaining injuries while at work, at any time. According to recent statistics, there were at least 5,000 bus drivers who were injured on the job while performing their duties.

In many of these cases, these bus drivers had to walk away from their jobs, because of the injuries that they sustained. That being said, here are some of the types of bus driver injuries that these drivers are most likely going to encounter while on the road.

Traffic Accidents

When you do your research, one of the top injuries that these drivers are more than likely to be involved in is a traffic accident. Since these drivers spend so much of their time on the road, the odds of them being in any type of accident will increase as time goes on. In fact, when looking at the statistics, the numbers are presently around 42% of the incidents that occur in this industry.


As with any job, the duties of bus drivers can easily vary, so they can injure themselves doing a number of different tasks while at work. For instance, these injuries may come from the activities that they perform (i.e. kneeling, twisting, pulling, and other kinds of repetitive motions). These activities account for at least about 22% of the injuries sustained by bus drivers.

Slips And Falls

Bus drivers don’t just sit behind the wheel all day. There are other common, everyday injuries that they may be involved in while on the job. One of the most prevalent, which accounts for 14% of their injuries, are slips and falls. These usually occur when the drivers are doing other jobs, like having to walk on sidewalks that are covered with ice, or helping passengers.

How Bus Drivers Are Compensated For Their Injuries

Now that you know how these injuries can occur, you need to know what happens after the incident happens. The answer to this question can vary from one individual to another.

However, because these injuries can completely disrupt their lives, or they may never drive again, it is important that they contact a personal injury attorney to handle their claim. A personal injury lawyer has the skills and expertise to make sure their clients are compensated fairly for their case.

For instance, their job is to make sure that their clients are paid for time off of the job, medical bills, pain and suffering, and any other things that are related to their case. In fact, the best attorneys to hire for bus driver injuries are ones who have experience fighting their cases in court before a judge and jury.