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The personal injury lawyers in Kenton, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers would like to share some of the area’s history and highlights.


Kenton is a town located in the northern region of Kent County, Delaware. The 128-acre town is part of the Dover, Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area. The main roadways in the neighborhood are Main Street, West Commerce Street, Biger Street, and High Street. The neighboring communities include Seven Hickories, Blackiston, and Clayton. Smyrna is only 6.5 miles away via Sunnyside Road and Delaware Route 300 West.


The neighborhood is located in the Kenton Hundred that was formed from Duck Creek Hundred in 1869. Although the area dates back as far as the late 18th century, it was after the expansion of the railroad through Clayton into Maryland that it began to develop. Phillip Lewis first acquired the land in 1792. He began to layout the area, originally called Georgetown, in 1796. It would later be known as Lewis Crossroads before finally becoming Kenton in 1806.

Historical Landmarks

The area is home to a Historic District, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, including 28 buildings located in the town. The James Williams House, located on 7 Hickories Road, was added to the register the same year, in 1983. The farmhouse on the estate was built in 1848. It was constructed using a Greek Revival architectural design and is a brick two-story house with five bays. The property is also home to a granary, an outhouse, and a barn.

The Thomas Attix House, located on Chance Road, or Road 140, was constructed in 1880. The house was designed using Greek Revival and Queen Anne architectural styles. Other outbuildings, dating back to the 19th and early 20th centuries that are located on the farm complex include the following:

  • brick milk house
  • sawn-plank bullpen
  • frame barn
  • cattle sheds
  • machine shed

Another house built in 1880 was the two-story Jefferson Lewis House. This historical farm home has three bays and consists of a stuccoed brick design with a gable roof. A porch was added in the late 19th century. The estate is home to the following structures:

  • milk houses
  • corn cribs
  • machine sheds
  • chicken houses


The town’s population was 261 in 2010 and consisted of 83 households and 63 families. The racial makeup of the residents was the following:

  • 94.51% white
  • 3.38% African American
  • 4.64% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.00% Pacific Islander
  • 1.27% other races
  • 0.84% two or more races

The median household income was $38,250, which is lower than the national average of $62,843. As many as 32% of the population has at least some college or an associate’s degree.

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