Laurel Historical Society

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Local museums are always a great place to educate you and your children with precious historical artifacts. Our experienced personal injury lawyers in Laurel, DE, have sponsored this article for your pleasure.

In January 1977, the Laurel Historical Society was created by a group of 60 individuals who wanted to preserve the history of Laurel to pass down to future generations.

This tight-knit, rural community of Sussex County has since expanded its preservation of memories to two establishments, museums, tons of historical artifacts, documents, memorabilia’s, and decorative pieces.

Cook House

This location is home to the Laurel Historical Society, where you can find a copious amount of photos and artifacts from past down from residents of the town. The Cook House Museum is open on the first Sunday of every month and offers free admission on an appointment basis.

 Laurel Heritage Museum 

Located in the old Laurel Train Station, the building has undergone extensive restoration process. It houses a collection of historical documents and objects from the Society and the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs.

The most renowned component of this museum is the fascinating historical assortment of the Waller Photographic Collection.

Hitchens Homestead

Currently undergoing renovation, this 1878 iconic Rural Gothic Revival cottage is in the process of becoming a museum geared towards the agricultural heritage of Laurel.

With around 4.33 acres of land, this property was owned by the Edmund Hitchens family, who resided there for six generations. This structure overlooks Records’ pond and stretches half a mile through the center of the town of Broad Creek.

After restoration, this homestead will be the showpiece of Laurel, for social, recreational, educational and cultural events.

The Laurel Historical Society is continuously growing and is currently working on extending its services to provide a Laurel Walking Tour.

After spending the day exploring all the museum’s fascinating artifacts, grab a bite to eat at one of the popular restaurants located nearby.

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