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Columbus Inn

With so much history and charm, you’ll want to dine at this local Inn that’s been a part of Delaware’s history for over 200 years. Originally built in 1798, this charismatic location was once a favorite community bakery.

Later in 1812, it became a well-known and visited Tavern during times of war. Several years later, the name officially changed to Columbus Inn and has been all the rage since.

With many dedicated locals throughout the years, it kept its history alive. Over the year, several owners have made small upgrades to the restaurant, but its current state is the best it’s ever been.

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If you take a look inside, the décor is partially 21st century with an old rustic twist that still carries the history and charm the restaurant holds dear. They serve a variety of delicious American dishes created by their Chef, Ross Essner.

The Columbus Inn has established an incredible reputation with residents over the past several decades, and they continue to provides patrons with excellent service. It can be easy to overlook the astonishing history of this restaurant, so as you walk through, be sure to take a look around and appreciate all the details around you.

If you plan on visiting this historical landmark, there are several facts you should know. For the best dining experience, ask to be seated out on the porch where you can enjoy a cool breeze.

You can never go wrong with your choice of meal to enjoy during your visit, but let it be known, The Columbus Inn is famous for their extravagant Sunday Brunch. If you’re unable to catch that, you’ll still enjoy their spectacular dinner menu and late-night snacks.

Nevertheless, when in Wawaset Park, DE, do not pass up on visiting this iconic restaurant full of history and splendor, followed by an entertaining night at one of the local bars.

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