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Wilmington, commonly recognized as the “Corporate Capital of America”, is not only the urban hub of the region but also the largest downtown in the state of Delaware. Additionally, it’s a center for banking and innovation with its world-class restaurants and, of course, its renowned museums. In the post below, and for your entertainment and informing, we concentrate largely on the latter.

Delaware Sports Museum & Hall

As part of the celebration of the nation’s bicentennial in 1976, Delaware’s American Bicentennial Commission formed the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame in Wilmington. For a period of time, the Hall inductees’ plaques were placed on display at the Grand Opera House, Bank of Delaware, the Wilmington Senior Center and the Balick Store. Naturally, a search for a permanent home originated.

In 1993 the search finally came to fruition when the Delaware Sports Authority approved a 5000 square feet location to serve as a permanent home for the Hall and Museum at the Daniel Frawley Stadium built for the Wilmington Blue Rocks. An annual awards banquet is held to recognize athletes who are either from Delaware or perform within the state.

The mission of the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame is “to celebrate the history, preserve the legacy, and honor the heroes of sports within Delaware and those who have brought recognition to Delaware by their accomplishments elsewhere. “Moreover, the membership strives to educate young and old about athletics, sportsmanship, and work ethic while providing inspiration to maintain active and healthy lifestyles through sports.

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Old Town Hall Museum

Built in 1798, the Old Town Hall functioned as the center of political and social activities during the height of Wilmington’s previous mercantile-milling economy.

The attractive Federal-style building housed the city’s meeting chambers, offices and jail while also serving as the headquarters and gathering place of civic organizations. It also included a subscription library.

The death of George Washington was observed at the Old Town Hall in 1799, as were receptions and dinners for the Marquis de Lafayette and President Andrew Jackson. Henry Clay’s body was laid in state there in 1852. The Old Town Hall, restored to its classical beauty, in the present day provides space for exhibitions, programs, and special events throughout the year.

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