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In the eastern region of Sussex County, Delaware, lies the unincorporated community Nassau. The neighborhood is just 3.7 miles southwest of Lewes, north of Jimtown, and east of Arabian Acres. The main roadways in the community are Lewes Georgetown Highway, Nassau Road, and Coastal Highway.

Railroad History

The community served as a passthrough for the Delaware Coast Line Railway as it traveled to deliver products to SPI Pharma in Lewes. At one point, the cars went over a swingbridge that ran over the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal. The bridge was originally built in 1869 and required hand-cranking to allow it to move into place for the cars to complete their journey to SPI Pharma.

Despite being reconstructed in 1996, the bridge was deemed unsafe in 2016 as a result of settling. Trucks had to replace the railway’s cargo transport. Although the railway attempted to keep the railways running with the Georgetown-Lewes trail, the contract was terminated in 2018, and all equipment was sold.

Nassau Valley Vineyard

Peggy Raley opened the first and largest winery in the state of Delaware in 1993. Raley, a jazz singer, purchased eight acres that have become a tourist attraction. Wine-making in the state dates back to the 1630s, as the Dutch attempted it before replacing the grapevines with orchards.

When Raley first planted seven of her eight acres, she was not permitted to sell the wine to the public due to outdated prohibition laws. She petitioned against the old laws and even drafted the legislation that would be passed in 1991 and signed into law. By 1993, she succeeded in removing the laws and began selling her wine as the first commercial winery in the state.

In 2009 her winery was recognized as the first estate-grown wine in the state. In 2017 the Nassau Valley Vineyard won many awards, some of which are the following:

  • Gold – San Francisco International Wine Competition
  • Silver – American Wine Society International Wine Competiton
  • Bronze – Grand Harvest Awards International Wine Competition
  • Bronze – Indy International Wine Competition


The median home price in the community is $407,924. Rent averages $1,880 and is higher than 85.5% of other areas in the state. The neighborhood is considered an upper-middle-income area and has a meager rate of childhood poverty. The working adult’s occupations can be broken down as the following:

  • 48.4% executive, management, and professional positions
  • 27.8% service and sales roles
  • 17.1% labor and manufacturing
  • 6.9% government positions


The area is moderately diverse, and even though 93.4% of the population speaks English, other languages spoken here include Polish, Arabic, and Portuguese. The ancestral breakdown of the area is the following:

  • 22.7% Irish
  • 14.0% German
  • 11.5% English
  • 6.2% Scottish
  • 5.1% Italian

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