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Pearsons Corner

The unincorporated community is located in the central region of Kent County, Delaware. The intersection of Delaware Route 8, also called Halltown Road, and Delaware Route 44, also know as Hartly Road, make up the community’s center. Other roadways within the town are Forrest Avenue, Pearsons Corner Road, Victory Chapel Road, and Yoder Drive. The nearest neighbors are Paden Corner, Hazlettville, Yoshell Cove, and Dinahs Corner.


The neighborhood is located within West Dover Hundred in Kent County. Kent County was initially included in Whorekill County, named by Dutch settlers. In 1680, the area broke away as was renamed, St. Jones County. William Penn took control of it in 1682, and this is the time it is believed to have been renamed Kent County, after an English town.

The early history of the neighborhood consisted of large farms owned by families such as Rash and Pearson. The road that travels from the south end of town into Hazlettville was constructed during the latter half of the 19th century. By the time the second road that formed the intersection was constructed, the area was home to several dwellings such as the following:

  • a blacksmith and wheelwright shop
  • a store
  • a granary

The two prominent landowners were Joseph Rash Sr. and William Pearson, from which the area was named. They each sold or passed their land on to their offspring. The land from the Rash family ended up being sold to Elijah Crouch. Crouch purchased additional land from Elizabeth Course and built his house on the land between 1850 and 1859. The house, located on Hartly Road, still stands today.


Much has changed over the course of the town’s history. The center of the area, made up of the intersection of the two main roads, has seen some development. A Royal Farms convenience store now sits on the southwest corner and the Pearson’s Super Market on the northeast corner. A Slice of Magic Pizzeria offers the residents a place to dine. The Lion of Judah Ministry, located on Pearson’s Corner Road, was established in 2016 and serves as a place of worship for the community.


As many as 12.0% of the community’s population speaks German, or Yiddish, at home. However, the majority, 83.6%, speak English as their primary language. The ancestral breakdown of the residents was the following:

  • 15.4% German
  • 11.4% Irish
  • 6.6% Mexican
  • 6.4% English
  • 3.6% Polish

The racial makeup of the county was the following in 2010:

  • 67.8% white
  • 24.0% African American
  • 5.8% Hispanic or Latino
  • 2.0% Asian
  • 0.6% Native American
  • 0.1% Pacific Islander
  • 3.5% two or more races
  • 2.0% other races

The annual household income for the county was $53,183 in 2010. This was an increase from $40,950 in 2000. The occupational breakdown of the working townspeople was the following:

  • 38.7% executive, management, and professional positions
  • 27.3% sales and service occupations
  • 19.0% manufacturing and laborer jobs
  • 15.1% clerical, assistant, and tech support roles

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