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Georgetown is served by the Indian River School District which is widely recognized as one of the best in the state of Delaware, namely due to the presence of five national Blue Ribbon schools as well as three nationally-distinguished Title I schools. As a result of these fine education facilities, students from all grades regularly score among the state’s highest in the Delaware Student Testing Program. Next, we discuss some of the schools which make this a possibility.

The Sussex Academy of Arts & Sciences

The mission of the Sussex Academy is to foster academic achievement and social responsibility in a small school environment where students participate in a highly accelerated college preparatory program that prepares them for the technological and global mindedness needed for the 21st century and that instills ethical conduct and service to others in their day-to-day lives.

When the school opened in the fall of 2000, there were 225 students enrolled. The current charter now allows the Sussex Academy to enroll up to 770 students once they have expanded to include grades 6 through 12. To serve this large amount of students, the Academy employs full-time teachers for the core subject areas of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies that allows approximately 1:20 teacher to student ratio. Moreover, there are part-time teachers for the exploratory subjects of coding, STEM, physical education, art and music.

The school schedule is built around large flexible blocks of time. Incoming sixth-grade students are placed on a team and remain with the same set of teachers for at least two years. Finally, and perhaps most exciting for potential pupils, is that throughout the school year, students and teachers are involved in interdisciplinary learning expeditions to promote self-discovery and construct knowledge. To support these experiences, teachers, students, and school leaders build a culture of respect and high expectations.

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Georgetown Elementary School

Georgetown Elementary School is part of the Indian River School District located behind Georgetown Middle School in Georgetown, Delaware. This Superior School services a diverse population of students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. As a community school, Georgetown Elementary has English Language Learner Programs that service approximately 125 ELL Students.

This school focuses on academic instruction and provides activities in Art, Gym, Music, Library, Counseling and Computer to enrich the education of their students. School staff members, parents, students, and the community work together to provide a school environment conducive to learning. Through this partnership, Georgetown Elementary is able to offer additional programs to enhance student learning such as mentoring, early bird, pullout, and after school programs.

Howard T. Ennis School

The Howard T. Ennis School’s educational services are provided to all students preschool through 21 years old with significant disabilities within the Indian River School District that demonstrate a need for highly specialized educational support.

Special education services are provided by trained and experienced teachers, therapists and nurses under the leadership of a coordinating team of administrators.

Most recently, the Ennis School has demonstrated a new goal of increasing family participation in school activities. Kristina Perfetti, Mike Thompson, and Amanda Wroten, the administrative team of the school, have expressed their excitement to begin utilizing social media to engage students’ families. They’ve also shared their enthusiasm for new informational programs and parent workshops designed to meet the needs of the diverse population of students that attend HTE.

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