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Many of the lucky folks who have the chance to visit Smyrna in Delaware will be quite familiar with its most popular restaurants, but this region of Kent County is also known for its alluring attractions. We discuss some of our favorite ones next!

The Smyrna Museum

The Smyrna Museum and memorable Plank House are situated at 11 S. Main St. and are available to be visited by the public on Saturdays from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM., and by appointment as well. Entrance is free, though donations are always welcome.

The Duck Creek Historical Society owns and manages the Museum hall and Plank House. Alongside noteworthy artistic creations, goods, and records, the historical center offers extraordinary shows consistently; for instance,  things such as milk containers of local dairies from ancient times, old fashioned devices, fire department memorabilia, and antique toys and trains.

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Historic Belmont Hall in Smyrna, DE

Belmont Hall, a Georgian manor constructed in 1773, is one of the most prized and notable houses in Delaware. Encompassed by open grounds and wonderful greenery, the Belmont Hall in Smyrna, DE is an entrancing spot to visit. Any and all who find themselves in this region of New Castle county are highly recommended to visit or attend one of the exceptional events where you will find out about neighborhood and state history, hear tales about the individuals who have called Belmont home, and appreciate the lovely and expansive grounds. This eminent chateau is encompassed by stately trees, rolling yards, and exquisite nurseries, and is adequately equipped to make your own unique occasion into a lifetime memory on its grounds.

Belmont Hall History

In the year 1684, almost 600 acres of land were conceded to Henry Pearman by William Penn and would come to be known as “Pearman’s Choice.” A little block house was built on this property. This house and acres of land were offered to Andrew Love in 1691.

The property was later purchased by Thomas Collins, who eventually became High Sheriff of Kent County and later a brigadier general in the Continental Army, inevitably ascending to the governorship of Delaware. In 1777 a British troop endeavoring to capture Collins shot a guard posted on the widow’s walk, who passed away in the room beneath. His passing is remembered by a plaque in the front corridor displayed by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Thomas Collins, the main individual to be consistently chosen by the Assembly, had the pleasure of filling in as the eighth Governor of Delaware from 1786 until his passing in 1789. Collins himself actually passed away inside of Belmont Hall in 1789.

In 1827, John Cloak obtained Belmont Hall in Smyrna and cultivated the land. Belmont brand canned tomatoes eventually became quite prevalent in the late nineteenth century in the region. A fire in 1922 gutted the third floor of the property, and the the current east and west ‘wings’ were added during the fixes. The Cloak/Speakman family held the property into the 1980s. It was offered to the State of Delaware in 1987, as a component of an arrangement to obtain 30 sections of land (12 ha) for the Route 13 detour around Smyrna.

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