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The city of Georgetown boasts not only a captivating heritage and some very popular restaurants renowned at the state level, but also come alluring museums which are undoubtedly worthy of mention. If you ever find yourself in the area and are looking for historic museums to explore, look no further than the following venues highlighted below!

The Georgetown Train Station Rail Museum

Located at 140 Layton Ave, the Georgetown Train Station that stands today was revitalized by the Historic Georgetown Association, which itself was formed back in 1993 by then-mayor Joe Booth and various councilmembers, Chamber members, Association members and other persons in the community. These Georgetown residents all shared one thing in common, if nothing else – a deep love for their home town, and they were on a mission to restore its historical landmarks.

One of these was the Georgetown Train Station. Built in the mid-19th century, the station didn’t show up on a map of the city until the year 1885. At the time, it was only one story, though a second story would be added later. Most of the time, the building only served as a dwelling for the station master and its employees.

In 1996, the previously abandoned station was acquired by the Historic Georgetown Association, at which point they began an aggressive rejuvenation process. As much as possible was done to reestablish the structure to its previous condition and appearance. Volunteers did the majority of the inside work, likewise doing their best to restore the structure with materials accurate to its time period. A few thousand feet of 1860’s timber was found and subsequently utilized in the rebuilding. Enough old floor joists, a significant number of which were 135 years of age, were utilized to rebuild the structure’s interior. Thousands of sidewall blocks were also sourced and utilized in the corners and the zone between the windows and entryways. Moreover, two unique clerk windows, one outside entryway, lights, schedules and other miscellaneous railroad items were found and used.

Visitors in the area have the opportunity to experience this historic landmark not only of Georgetown, but of the state of Delaware itself.

The Marvel Carriage Museum of Georgetown

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This quaint museum, which can be visited at 510 S Bedford St, boasts a memorable collection of antique carriages. On site are also a significant number of professionally restored, original buildings that are described by many as being frozen in time, though beautifully so. Due to the museum’s nature, its hours can vary depending on the volunteer staff’s availability, though this is an instance where it’s certainly worth it to call ahead and schedule a time.

The buildings found at the Bedfort Street Museum include the Ellis School which traces back to 1833. Also in the vicinity are two large barns which themselves house the infamous carriages from Mr. Marvel’s collection. Carriage enthusiasts will be glad to learn of the presence of a Queen’s carriage, a Disney carriage, and a horse-drawn hearse carriage. Moreover, also present in the museum are a period-accurate collection of Victrolas, ephemera, photographs, telephones, and furniture sure to be appreciated by any who visit them.

Delaware Aviation Museum Foundation

Located at 21781 Aviation Avenue, right next to the Delaware Coastal Airport, is the Delaware Aviation Museum Foundation, also known as the DAMF. Established in 2004 in Georgetown, Delaware, the DD.A.M.F. is an not-for-profit association devoted to advancing the purchase, restoration, safe operation and exhibition of historic planes. In its efforts, the Foundation also hopes to preserve aviation history itself, while providing an educational foundation not only for fans of aviation, but for anyone who has the fortune of spending some time examining their entertaining display.

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