This list featuring some of the most popular restaurants in town is brought by the Smyrna slip and fall accident lawyers of Schuster Jachetti LLP.

We’ve previously recapped the history of Smyrna and found it to be quite enthralling. Nevertheless, not all would find that it’s enough of a reason to visit this neat town. Nevertheless, without a doubt the following delectable restaurants options are sure to make them reconsider.

Pat’s Select Pizza | Grill in Smyrna

Pat’s Select Pizza & Grill is a family-oriented café serving delectable pizza and Italian dishes employing the freshest fixings and novel, expertly-prepared dishes. This home-grown restaurant likes to say that their menu is their pride, and that every guest is guaranteed to find something of their liking. There is no question, one visit to Pat’s in Smyrna and you’ll be able to see how the best ingredients are constantly used to ensure the meals served are not only nutritious but also delicious.

Pat’s broad determination goes outside the scope of just pizza and Italian food. As alluded to earlier, they also offer burgers, servings of mixed greens, quesadillas, signature flatbreads, house-made soups, and even hand crafted cakes for everyone’s sweet tooth. Quick delivery is an option, as are online orders and quick pick ups. On the other hand, if you’ve got the time to sit down for a comfortable meal, they’ve structured the inside of the restaurant to look absolutely exceptional, in this way ensuring that every single dining experience is charming and one of a kind.

On Pat’s Chefs: Pat’s employs corporate chefs who train the entire staff. They also design the menu which is then constructed upon ordering by experimented kitchen managers & cooks. Naturally, all feedback is not only appreciated but encouraged, a point the owners of Pat’s make publicly on their site.

Brick Works Brewing and Eats – Smyrna

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Brick Works Brewing and Eats was established in 2016 by Eric Williams, Ryan Maloney, and Kevin Reading, three friend and Kent County Delaware Entrepreneurs. Concentrated on delivering the most excellent drinks and menu choices, the brewpub prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients for both their brews and their fare. In the beginning, the partners spent many years talking about chipping away at an undertaking together. However, the correct opportunity had not appeared before them.

Later on, in the time after the fall of 2015, a developer based in Smyrna pitched Kevin Reading with an eatery project that couldn’t be beat. Naturally, Reading pitched the possibility of this exciting brewpub to Williams and Maloney, and Brick Works was born soon after. Its name came from the fact that Smyrna used to house a brickmaking processing plant. Utilizing the area’s previous life as the name stood out to the founders, as they wished to copy the craftsmanship and attention to detail that comes with laying blocks.

The Brick Works menu centers around combining neighborhood items to shape an incorporated eating experience. Through the fermenting and matching of the correct lagers with the correct plate combinations in a warm environment, the brewpub really prides itself on displaying the best Delaware, and specifically the town of Smyrna, brings to the table.

Blue Earl Brewing Company

Blue Earl is the 7th microbrewery that has popped up in the entire state of Delaware, and is conveniently located in Smyrna. Founded by Ronnie “Blue” Earl Price, the brews of his company demonstrate his passion for the product quite clearly. More than a hobby, brewing became an obsession for Price, eventually resulting in the libations that the lucky resident of Smyrna can experience whenever they desire.

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