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Little Creek Hundred

Little Creek Hundred is located in Kent County, Delaware. Not to be mixed up with the Little Creek Hundred found in Sussex County, this small neighborhood is south of Windy Way and north of Cheswold. Garrisons Lake forms the northern border, the Alston Branch forms the southern, and Willis Branch helps to create its western edges. The residential community lies to the west of North Dupont Highway.


A hundred is an unincorporated community, similar to a township but serves no other purpose at this time except as relating geographical points within the parent town of Leipsic. Initially, this type of category was derived from the times during British rule. The state has many that have retained their name, and Kent County alone has nine, including:

  • 1682 – Duck Creek Hundred – Smyrna
  • 1859 – East Dover Hundred – Dover
  • 1869 – Kenton Hundred – Kenton
  • 1830 – Milford Hundred – Milford
  • 1682 – Mispillion Hundred – Harrington
  • 1855 – North Murderkill Hundred – Camden
  • 1855 – South Murderkill Hundred – Felton
  • 1859 – West Dover Hundred – Hartly

Little Creek Hundred, named after the town Little Creek, was originally wider, stretching from the Maryland and Delaware state line to the Delaware Bay. It was formed in 1682, but in 1869, the area was reduced to its current size, becoming the smallest hundred in the county. Many attempts were made to create pastures out of the marshland, and canals were cut to bring resources into the area. Over the years, many owners have made it their home, such as the following:

  • 1676 – William Stevens
  • 1676 – John Richardson
  • 1794 – Henry Cowgill
  • 1699 – John Stevens
  • 1680 – William Simpson

The name Leipsic was given to the area in 1814 under the governing of Jacob Stout. Stout was a member of the Federalist Party and son of Jacob Emanuel Stout and Mary Griffin Stout. He was very active in politics and served as the governor of Delaware from 1820 to 1821. He also served in the state house for two sessions in 1813 and 1814 and the state senate during 1815 and 1820. Stout was an advocate for ending the extension on slavery, a hot topic during the time.


Home prices in this suburban town average $288,223, which is higher than 57.8% of other neighborhoods in Delaware. Rent is also higher than the state average and runs $1,573 per month. The majority of the town owns and consists mainly of medium-sized single-family homes with just a few townhomes.

The occupational breakdown of the area is the following:

  • 32.1% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 25.9% sales and service jobs
  • 23.0% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 18.7% clerical, assistant, and tech support occupation

On average, 30.9% of the residents spend as long as 30 minutes commuting to and from work, while the rest spend less than 15 minutes. Some businesses in the community that help to employ the residents include:

  • Delaware State Police Federal Credit Union
  • PPG Industries, Inc.
  • Affordable Asphalt


As many as 8.1% of the townspeople speak Spanish, but the majority, 88.7%, speak English as their first language. Some common ancestries that the residents identify with are the following:

  • 21.0% Irish
  • 10.5% German
  • 9.7% English
  • 8.2% Italian
  • 4.4% Polish
  • 3.1% Brazilian

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