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Located in Kent County, Cheswold is a town with an estimated population of around 1,380, as stated in the 2010 United States census.

Town History

The town of Cheswold was incorporated in 1856 after the construction of the Delaware Railroad. Upon its foundation, the majority of the population were the Lenni Lenape and Dutch that were called Moors. A train station called Leipsic Station, named after the nearby town of Leipsic was located in the town and became a transportation hub for grain and fruit grown in the region. The town had 35 residents, three general stores, a wheelwright, a brickyard, and a grain warehouse by 1860.

Cheswold was originally called Moorton, after landowner James S. Moore. The name “Cheswold” was selected as the winner of a vote to rename the town in 1888. Cheswold is derived from the words “chess,” which refers to a vast group of chestnut trees, and “wold,” which means “forest of trees.”


Information from the United States census in 20o0 shared that there were an estimated amount of only 313 people, 116 households, and 80 families that resided in the town. The ethnic makeup of the community is about 71% White, 12% African American, 10% Hispanic or Latino, 5% Native American, and 10% other races.

Household Income

The estimated median income for a household in Cheswold is about $38,000, and the median income for families is less, at about $32,000. Statistics show that an estimated amount of 18% of families and 25% of the total population are considered below the poverty line.

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