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The worker’s comp attorneys in Arabian Acres, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers, offer some details on the area’s highlights.

Arabian Acres

The town is located east of Harbeson and west of Belltown. Red Mills Pond and Martin Branch form its northern border, and Bundicks Branch flows along its southern border. Downtown Lewes is 5.7 miles away. The main roadways in the community are Route 9, Arabian Acres Road, and Log Cabin Hill Road.

Farm History

This rural town is covered in farmland. Many efforts have been successful in preserving over 5,500 acres in Sussex County alone. Two predominant farms in the area are the Green Acres Farm and the Carpenters Farm.

Green Acres Farm has been a family-owned business since 1942. The four generations included Great Grandfather Alden Hopkins, Grandfather William Hopkins, Walter C. Hopkins, Sr. and his son Walter C. (Burli) Hopkins, Jr. The farm, under the suggestion of  Walter C. Hopkins, Sr., expanded from just a dairy farm to adding the Hopkins Farm Creamery that sells directly to the public. The creamery was added in 2008 and has become a staple for the area.

Further down Route 9 is the Carpenter Farm, located at Carpenters Corner. The farm was owned by the two Carpenter brothers, who married the Hudson sisters. The state constructed a tunnel for the cows that allowed them to continue to graze on open land without crossing the main roads. The tunnel remains but is hidden by undergrowth due to discontinued use. The Carpenter family began farming lima beans in 1927 and, after three generations have expanded to more than 5,000 acres of farmland within the county.

Historical Landmark

Not far off of Route 9 is the Cool Spring Presbyterian Church. The site dates as far back as 1726, and the current buildings were built in 1854. Governor Thomas Penn granted the courtyard to the church congregation in 1737. The church was named after the stream that runs along the town’s edge. The original members consisted primarily of Scotch-Irish that immigrated to the area searching for religious freedoms they could not attain in Ireland. The cemetery located on the neighboring property has many prominent congregation members and many Revolutionary War veterans. In addition, a member of the Continental Congress, a member of the United States Congress, and other notable county residents were also buried there. The area was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.


Home prices in the area average $389,619, and rent runs approximately $1,614 per month. The area’s residents are primarily middle-income, and the occupational makeup is the following:

  • 41.4% executive, professional, or management roles
  • 27.7% service or sales positions
  • 23.1% labor or manufacturing occupations
  • 7.8% assistant, clerical, or technical support roles


Spanish is spoken by 5.3% of the residents. The most common ancestries that the residents identify with are the following:

  • 18.5% German
  • 19.2% Irish
  • 12.1% English
  • 8.9% Italian
  • 6.7% Polish

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