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This unincorporated community is located in the northeastern region of Sussex County, Delaware. Red Mill Pond runs through the southern section of the town. Nassau is to the south, and Milton is to the west of the neighborhood. The main roadway is the Coastal Highway that runs northwest and southeast, in addition to Cave Neck Road and Old Mill Road.

History of the Red Mill Pond

The 150-acre pond flows into the Broadkill River and is located on both the Rehoboth-Lewes and Broadkill Hundreds. Running off of the pond is the Old Mill Creek (or Branch) and Coolsprings Branch. The pond was once a great source of fish and wildlife, but due to runoff toxins from development and fertilizers, the water is now home to toxic algae blooms. The first mills that were built on the pond date back to 1750. Unfortunately, they burned down twice. A more recent mill along the Coolsprings Branch was the Red Mill, a grist mill built in 1921 and owned by Samuel Paynter, the 18th governor of Delaware. Paynter was born in Lewes in 1768 and became very active in politics. The mill was torn down in 2010, but the current owner of the land plans to rebuild it as a historic feature.

The mills in the area helped to supply the following resources to the area:

  • lumber
  • ground grains
  • power to many industrial processes

Places of Interest

Two nearby businesses that have honored the natural landmark incorporating its name are the Red Mill Inn and the Mill Pond Garden.

The Red Mill Inn is located near the heart of Overbrook off of Coastal Highway. The Inn has 36 rooms in their multiple Southern Style two-story buildings. They are close to shopping and restaurants as well as the Lewes/Cape May Ferry.

Located just south of the Red Mill Pond on Milloy Court is the Mill Pond Garden. The three-quarter-acre garden is actually the smallest to be entered into the American Public Garden Association. It is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat for many insects, birds, reptiles, and more. It is home to one of the largest spring bulb display in Southern Delaware. During November through January, they host a walk-through light show that consists of 40,000 lights.


Most of the homes within the town were built since 2000. The area is home to both single-family homes with three to four bedrooms and mobile homes. The average real estate price is $350,402, which is more expensive than 66.6% of other communities in the United States. Rent is also higher and averages approximately $1,760 per month.

The area is rated in the top 9.8% of places for retirement in the state. However, the breakdown for occupations other adults that still work includes the following:

  • 48.8% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 29.9% sales and service jobs
  • 10.8% clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations
  • 10.5% manufacturing and laborer occupations


The breakdown of how the residents identify as their ancestral lineage is the following:

  • 26.2% Irish
  • 22.3% German
  • 14.7% English
  • 10.2% Italian
  • 4.0% Polish

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