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Back in the Fall of 1969, several Delaware State Troopers organized a meeting with the National President of the Fraternal Order of Police to discuss the idea of establishing a Troopers Lodge. Troopers received low wages, worked long hours, and received no overtime compensation; therefore, they wanted to form a labor union to protect their rights.

A few months later, a lodge was granted to the group of troopers, which became the sixth organized lodge to represent different law enforcement groups in Delaware. As time progressed, Lodge #6 hosted several meetings throughout the association of troopers and eventually had enough members to initiate a Board of Directors.

In 1989, the group earned their right to leave the state Lodge and become a separate entity called Delaware State Troopers Association, Inc.

Since then, members of the association work diligently to protect the rights of its membership and negotiate the best possible working conditions, benefits, and general welfare for all union members.


The primary purpose and objective of the DSTA is to continuously improve the terms and conditions of employees through all independent means. The association seeks to blend the state of Delaware, Division of State Police, and the Department of Safety and Homeland Security to promote collaboration and support.

Currently, the Delaware State Trooper Association is managed by active and retired State Troopers who are willing to devote their time and service to the members. 

Hall Rental

The DSTA building has a newly renovated banquet room that is available to rent out for the public. The hall includes a full-service bar and can cater to receptions, parties, bridal or baby shower, corporate events, and more.

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