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Whitehall Crossroads

The community of Whitehall Crossroads is located in the northeastern section of Kent County within the state of Delaware. It is just north of Leipsic and south of Duck Neck Crossroads. Nandains Landing and Whitehall Landing share a border with the neighborhood. At the town’s center is the intersection of Smyrna Leipsic Road and Raymond Neck Road. The intersection of Hay Point Landing Road and Big Woods Road is also in the town center.


Within the eastern section of the community is the Raymond Neck Historic District. This is a registered collection of historic homes that date back as far as the 1820s. Located just off of County Road 85, in the Duck Creek Hundred are three farms that were once part of 1,000 acres of land granted to William Penn. Penn passed them on to Francis Whitwell in 1675. The area became known as Whitwell’s Chance, and he built his house that he named Whitehall.

Within the historic district are the following structures that have been added to the National Register of Historic Places:

  • 1830 – John Raymond House – a two-story brick house with a gable roof
  • 1820 – James Hoffecker house – a two-story, four-bay brick house with a gabled roof
  • 1867 – Robert Wilson’s House “Hebron” – a two-story, three-bay brick house with a gable roof

The Raymond family were among the first to settle in the parcels of land as they were divided up. Their farm faced to the north. At one point, Johnathan Raymond served as the County Sheriff. However, it was John Raymond that would be one of the wealthiest in the town from 1775 to 1817. He also held political positions that included:

  • Privy Councilor of Delaware in 1779
  • multiple terms as Kent County Senator
  • Representative in the Delaware Assembly, in the 1780s and 1790s


The community is mainly farmland with a few residential estates spread out. The community must travel south to the town of Leipsic for their retail and dining needs. There is a single establishment at the corner of Smyrna Leipsic Road and Big Woods Road called Horn’s Machine Shop, Inc.


  • 91.03% white 
  • 3.85% African American
  • 2.56% Hispanic or Latino
  • 1.28% other races
  • 3.85% two or more races

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