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The town of Leipsic is located in the northeastern section of Kent County in the state of Delaware. It helps to form the Dover, Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area. The Leipsic River flows through the center of the community. Some of the roadways include Fast Landing Road, Front Street, Second Street, and Smyrna Leipsic Road. Both Second Street and Smyrna Leipsic Road cross over the river. The river flows east before it enters Delaware Bay.


The area was initially part of a settlement known as Fast Landing in the 18th century. Many agricultural products were shipped down the river, in addition to:

  • lumber
  • grain
  • oysters

The town’s post office was founded in 1839 and was in full operation until 1902.

By 1814, the area’s industrialization of the muskrat pelt was in full force. It was named after one of the largest cities in the eastern section of Germany, Leipzig that was known as the fur trade center. Aside from the fur, the area was covered in farmland which fueled the economy. Many of the early productions of the town included:

  • trapping
  • oystering
  • fishing
  • canning


The waterfront community is a great destination for fishermen and crabbers. Along the waterfront is the following:

  • Sambo’s Tavern
  • Smith’s Bait Shop
  • Carey’s Marina

The Municipal Playground located on Main Street includes a fenced-in playground for children. The Roby United Methodist Church is just next door adjacent to the cemetery.

The volunteer fire department is located on Main Street, just south of the Ezj Antique Store.

North of the river is mainly farmland and few residential homes.


As of 2000, the area was home to 203 residents that made up 79 households and 48 families. The breakdown of the racial makeup of the community was the following:

  • 93.10% white 
  • 0.00% African American
  • 2.46% Hispanic or Latino
  • 1.97% Native American
  • 0.99% Asian
  • 0.49% other races
  • 3.45% two or more races

The population includes approximately 10.0% that were born outside of the United States. The breakdown of common ancestries includes:

  • 15.5% German
  • 13.7% Irish
  • 10.7% English
  • 6.4% Italian
  • 2.3% French Canadian

The median income per household within the neighborhood was $37,656, while the income for a family was $39,219. Men made an average income of $35,156 per year, versus $22,500 for women. The most common occupations held by the working residents included:

  • 20.0% sales
  • 18.5% administration
  • 16.9% management
  • 9.2% facilities
  • 6.2% repair
  • 6.2% transportation

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